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Disabled World Older Articles Sitemap

Note: This is a archive listing of past health and disability articles from Disabled World from 2004 to approx. 2007. As many changes are made regularly in the health and medical field some of these articles and information sources may no longer be current or contain reliable information.

     What will I receive?

Loan Information for low income singles, families, seniors and disabled. Includes home, vehicle and personal loans.

Famous People with Disabilities - Well known people with disabilities and conditions who contributed to society.

List of awareness ribbon colors and their meaning. Also see our calendar of awareness dates.

Blood Pressure Chart - What should your blood pressure be. Also see information on blood group types and compatibility.

  1. Foundations of Human Health - A Genetic Checkup
  2. Nearly 20M Americans Live Near Oil, Gas and Fracking Wells
  3. Brain-Computer Interface Augmented With Virtual Walking Avatar Can Control Gait
  4. iPad for Every Special Education Teacher in Israel