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Aching Joints - Joint Pain

It's no secret, people worldwide are working harder and living longer than ever. And our joints are really taking the punishment!

Joint pain can stem from old or recent injuries. strains, or sprains. You might have stressed a joint decades ago and just now have trouble with the joint.

All kinds of illnesses are known to cause aching joints. Everything from the common cold to Rheumatoid arthritis to a variety of bacterial infections can cause joint pain.

Some medicines and interactions between medicines can cause your joints to ache.

As with any health issue, when you experience sudden changes in your joints, it's a very good idea to see your doctor. Sudden or growing joint pain can often be a sign that something serious is wrong.

My hunch is there's a good chance your joint pain is long term, something you saw a doctor about years ago. Now you're simply struggling to deal with the consistent pain.

If you suffer from aching joints, you know just how debilitating the irritation, lack of flexibility, and even occasional agony can be.

While I'm not a doctor, I have dealt a lot with aching joints. Here are a few ideas that can help:

(1) Heat often helps. Put a heating pad on the aching joint or soak in a tub of warm water for 20 minutes. That simple treatment is often suggested by doctors and works well for many mild cases.

(2) Use an over the counter non habit forming pain killer. Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and common aspirin are favorites. Of course, stronger addictive medicines will only be prescribed for severe pain and temporary use.

(3) Get plenty of sleep. This is one simple strategy commonly prescribed for anyone who deals with long term pain. Learn to focus your mind on your daily activities. Losing yourself in a project can help you "tune out" moderate joint pain.

(4) Use natural herbal supplements specially formulated to relieve joint pain and help repair joints.

This last point deserves some discussion. Most people don't realize that the vast majority of prescription drugs are manufactured from ingredients found in plants. Many scientists and health professionals have asked why not skip the often harsh pharmaceutical manufacturing process and simply use the plants themselves for treatments.

That makes a lot of sense. Natural herbal supplements are inexpensive, non habit forming, and don't cause the unpleasant side-effects often seen in prescription drugs.

A recently formulated supplement using Danish rose hips as one of its key ingredients has been studied extensively in laboratories. One study showed a whopping 82% of patients experienced dramatic improvement in mobility, joint pain relief, and joint comfort in a period of just two to three weeks.

No one should have to suffer with stiff and painful joints. See your doctor and consider some of the ideas above.


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