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ADHD Diagnosis In Crisis

Parents and natural health practitioners across the United States are beginning to question the number of ADD/ADHD diagnoses that are occurring.

Can it really be so that an entire generation of children suffers from a psychiatric disorder?

It is a disturbing fact that the American Psychological Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) lists ADD/ADHD as just this - a psychiatric. That seems to give the green light for psychologists and psychiatrists to prescribe powerful medication, with all its side-effects, to literally millions of children throughout the US.

What has happened to the society, with regard to children in particular, that has caused this surfeit of ADD/ADHD diagnosis?

Many natural health practitioners say that insofar the condition exists at all (its full name is attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) the symptoms are merely those of normal children of a particular personality type.

As recently as 50 years ago a normal child was considered to be - even encouraged to be - boisterous, loud, mischievous, irrational, imaginative, a dreamer, physically inclined and often unpredictable. Those were considered to be the defining characteristics of a healthy child. And yet today these same qualities are regarded as symptoms of a dangerous psychiatric disorder. Granted, some children, especially boys, display more of these characteristics than others. They are the ones being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and fed with dangerous drugs such as Strattera, Adderall, Vyvanse and Ritalin.

It seems, then, that something other than the nature of children is causing the ADD/ADHD crisis.

In a nutshell it seems that society and the environment are more to blame for such diagnosis than the objective fact of symptoms that are contrary to their natural states. Society would prefer children to be quiet, even depressed, sleeping for hours and interacting quietly with other people and the environment than being their natural selves.

For being normal, these active, joyful kids are being labeled misfits and a menace to themselves, their parents and society as a whole. It seems that the stress of modern living, raising kids in tenements in cities and the sensitivities of adults are to blame for many misdiagnoses of ADD/ADHD.

When there is a valid of case of ADD it is more than likely caused by faulty nutrition and allergies, which are again the results of the individual's interaction with the environment and other people.


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