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Information on Nitric Oxide Supplements for Bodybuilders

The ability of nitric oxide to increase blood flow makes the supplement of interest to body builders and other athletes.

Nitric oxide has many benefits and there are many positive effects. A free form gas produced by a breakdown of the amino acid Arginine, nitric oxide is produced by the body and the effects include the ability to act as a cell communicator.

Nitric oxide plays a part in controlling blood circulation and is associated with individual pain thresholds as well as message transmissions between nerve cells. The ability of nitric oxide to increase blood flow makes the supplement of interest to body builders and other athletes. You see, everytime you do a couple sets of curls and you feel that expanding feeling in your bicep, it means that nitric oxide was released into the smooth muscle, causing an extra surge in blood to your muscles. It gives your muscles that full feeling and that "pumped" look.

When using nitric oxide supplements more nutrients can flood through to the muscles. Thus aiding enhanced muscle enlargement when used in conjunction with regular physical training. Pain commonly associated with extreme muscular stress is reduced by an intake of nitric acid, often allowing athletes to train for longer periods.

The effects of nitric oxide include perpetually pumped up muscles, as muscles are kept supplied with nutrients for longer periods. Because nitric oxide causes an overall increase in muscle fibre, the effects are muscles that both look and feel rock hard for hours. Another effect of nitric oxide is that it allows for a fast gain in lean body mass by increasing the muscle growth signals.

Additionally nitric oxide stimulates the body to build the muscle power it is naturally capable of, only in increased amounts. Through an increase in muscle proteins nitric oxide promotes muscular growth. When nitric oxide is used as advised the side effects are usually minimal and short lived. Side effects of too much nitric oxide supplement can include muscle weakness, nausea, exhaustion and diarrhoea.

Intake of nitric oxide can aid in regulating brain, lungs, liver, kidney and stomach activities. Due to the ability of nitric oxide to dilate blood vessels, it helps to maintain a penile erection for longer periods. One apparent sign of a deficiency of nitric oxide could include the inability to maintain a strong erection.

The immune system receives aid from nitric oxide in its fight against viral, parasitic and bacterial infections. When nitric oxide is utilized by immune system cells it helps to fight against infection. The messages transmitted between nerve cells are associated not only with the pain threshold, but also with the learning process and memory functions, which are all positively affected by a nitric oxide supplement.

Sleeping and depression are both enhanced through an intake of nitric oxide supplement. Studies on the effects of nitric oxide show that nitric oxide is a very necessary mediator in inflammation and rheumatism.

Because the bodybuilding supplement reduces muscle inflammation and strain the recovery time between physical workouts is lessened. The breakdown of proteins to amino acids and carbohydrates into glucose is further assisted. Easily absorbed nitric oxide supplements have the added ability to improve the body's overall food absorption ability.

These effects of nitric oxide show that maximum benefit is gained from your food and ensures that food is properly broken down and easily available for optimum functioning. Ensuring a healthy fitness, along with enhanced muscle strength, are among the effects of taking a nitric oxide supplement.

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