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Opportunities and Growth: Plausible and Workable Solutions

It is a matter of fact that in all developed countries including USA there is a trend of migration for finding better opportunities and growth with future scope for advancement. This has resulted in a situation of multi ethnic composition in the society.

People of different strata and from different regions no doubt associate in socio economic and civic process of the society but the limitations, inhibitions and the disparities that they carry into the system do not get addressed in a frontal manner. It is natural that they do not participate freely and productively when it comes to matters of health and personal care and also the questions of affordability due to income levels also prevent them from going for the best of the options.

It has also been noticed that the American education system both at pre and post secondary school to a large extent is privately financed and the poor children have been tending to go to poor schools. To this extent the absence of equality of opportunity affects both the disadvantaged as well as those having different ethnic and racial backgrounds.

The remedy to these problems would be to make the system more broad based, friendly and technology based. The system needs to focus more on ethical and human issues of various communities and lowering the costs of health care and promoting a preventive, nutritional and paternalistic approach to health care by associating various skilled professionals of various community through a system which can reduce questions of distance, location and income level.

Questions of maternity care, preventive aspects of child health and making community the centre of health dynamics or mobilizing the health services on community lines for better results can be promoted through them more and more and this can become a topic for research finding.

Favorable evidences can be gathered and all kinds of information in objective and professional manner can be made available through use of internet for utilizing services of experts of different communities who can work towards increasing the coverage, addressing the current deficiencies in health system and earmark opportunities for health care available by simplifying the entire complexities of health matters or life cycle related problems into actionable items. This can be further backed up a process of constant reporting and communication monitoring systems, so that the inequities of income, multi-ethnicity character of social composition and racial distinctions do not at all create encumbrance in terms of either perception or realty handling. This can ensure non-discrimination in real terms, enhance mobility by breaking the link between social roots and technological access.

The less skilled immigrants who throng such advanced counties need to be assured of good english, good education and good health and there can be no differences in the quality of care received due to factors of ability or disability of parents or because of sociological or genetic factors.

All countries which desire to scale up growth opportunities need to have informed, involved and healthy citizenry who ought not to suffer any kinds of disability inherited or acquired. A system needs to therefore evolve so as to cater to such process of interaction and my research would bring out theoretically those issues, and constraints and also analytically bring out future portents with plausible and workable solutions.

About the Author: Salil Nanda is pursuing Graduation in the field of BioMedical Sciences from a university in USA. He can be contacted at

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