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Diet and Lifestyle Changes Planning a Pregnancy

Planning a pregnancy makes it imperative that you adopt certain dietary and lifestyle changes if you want a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. A body that is fit mentally and physically will find it easy to handle the strain of pregnancy and childbirth.

You may benefit by planning a pregnancy as you are prepared for it, and can get your body in shape before conception.

Changes During The Pre Pregnancy Period

While planning a pregnancy, it is recommended to visit your doctor. A check up will establish if it is safe for you to have a baby, and it will shed light on issues that may need attention. Issues like male fertility problems or female infertility can be dealt with.

Lifestyle changes are extremely important as they play a major role in influencing pregnancy. An ideal body weight that is correct for a person of your height is recommended. Weight plays an important role, as underweight as well as obese women are susceptible to fertility problems. Obese women have more chances of developing complications such as hypertension and diabetes. So, if you are considering pregnancy planning, it is time you got fit. Walking, yoga, and light exercise that do not tire you too much may be taken up. Yoga and meditation are good as they help you relax reducing stress.

You have to give up smoking, alcohol; drugs etc. as they influence fertility as well as have a harmful effect on your health as well as that of the child's. If your work exposes you to teratogens such as heavy metals, solvents, radiation, anesthesia, paint fumes, dry cleaning liquids etc., you may require to change your job, as they are harmful during pregnancy. If your work requires that you stand for long periods of time, or if you have to work in shifts, you may also consider a change of job.

Saunas and hot tubs are better avoided as these have been said to increase the chances of neural tube defect in babies.

Diet also plays a very important role. You may start to eat healthy during the pre conception phase itself. Eating regular meals that are balanced and nutritious is important. Green leafy vegetables, orange juice, fortified cereals, bread, cereals, noodles, potatoes, rice are good. Multi-vitamin and folic acid supplements are also encouraged to be consumed as they greatly reduce the chances of babies with birth defects and neural tube defects etc. Dry fruits, greens, nuts, green leafy vegetables etc. are also good sources of iron, which is important too. Milk and milk products such as yoghurt are good.

Certain foods are best avoided during pre pregnancy such as raw or undercooked meat, soft cheese, raw fish etc., as they may cause severe pregnancy complications. Mercury rich fish such as shark, marlin, and sword fish are a no no while planning a pregnancy. Coffee is best taken in moderation, if possible better avoided completely. Foods that are rich in vitamin A may be taken in moderation as vitamin A in excess is not good, either.

Do not take medication. without consulting your physician and finding out if it is safe. If you have a disease condition, do find out if it is safe to take the necessary medication.

Do ask your doctor before trying a new product such as a hair fall prevention formula. This applies for the fathers too. Generally, have fun planning a pregnancy.

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