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About Morning Sickness and Suggested Cures

So the 40 weeks of week by week pregnancy have begun. Early pregnancy symptoms have already started to bother and the most irritating of all, pregnancy morning sickness is in full swing.

Dealing with it is certainly not easy especially when so many important tasks are to be accomplished. Knowing about the concept and few suggested cures can however, help soften the blow.

What Is Pregnancy Morning Sickness?

Pregnancy morning sickness is a term to define the nausea, expectant mothers feel during the initial stages of pregnancy. Unlike its name, morning sickness symptom, instead of being restricting to the morning hours could prevail all day long. But yes, for few women, it could be more prominent during the early hours and might subside as the day progresses. However, every pregnancy is different and therefore no two women can really undergo exactly the same changes in their entire course of pregnancy. Pregnancy morning sickness usually begins around the 4th to 6th week of the week by week pregnancy calendar and could stretch on till the 15th week. The majority of pregnant women do have this pregnancy sign, only 20% - 30% are lucky enough to have pregnancy without pregnancy morning sickness symptom.

Cause of Morning Sickness

Pregnancy directly implies a host of physical changes. Though none can be connected outright to morning sickness symptom, many of them together act as cause of pregnancy morning sickness.

Few closely related causes of morning sickness are:

* Increased levels of estrogen and hCG i.e. human chorionic gonadotrophin hormones

* Increased sensitivity to selected odors and tastes

* Low levels of blood sugar

* Increase in progesterone leading to stomach acids

Morning Sickness Relief

Knowing about the causes is great, but knowing in greater detail about the ways to deal with morning sickness is even better. Few basic tips to help are:

Initial few experiences will help differentiate between smells that cause morning sickness and between odors that help deal with it. So once the list is ready, simply use it as a guide to avoid those aromas that could trigger off morning sickness.

* Eat often, especially in the mornings before you leave the bed. Munching some snacks/crackers would help

* Avoid anything that could interfere with easy digestion

* Give way to frequent naps. Do not resist dozing off if possible

* Vitamin B6 could act as morning sickness medication

* Intake of liquids throughout could help morning sickness prevention

* Never skip meals, rather eat frequently

Well, the suggested measures do not guarantee definite relief from morning sickness, but they can certainly help ease the initial few weeks of the 40 weeks of week-by-week pregnancy.


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