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Women and Pregnancy

There are six general questions about pregnancy raised by almost every pregnant woman in the world. This article attempts to answer these questions about pregnancy period and remove the confusion in the minds of would be mums.

1. Does Giving Birth Mean Pain And Agony

Not always and not in all cases. Though giving birth is painful, it is not a standard experience and rule. It varies from woman to woman. It also depends on how a pregnant woman delivers the baby. While an epidural birth enables the woman to bear the pain in a better way, in natural birth, it depends on the way she breathes through pain. Equally important factors are the pregnant womans immune system and her ability to overcome the painful experiences.

2. Is The Baby Healthy

Almost every mother is worried about the health of her baby to be born. Research in medical science, including on issues about pregnancy has made great strides to identify and cure pregnancy problems effectively. The scientists tell us that morning sickness, tiredness, and mood changes are good indications. They only mean that the mothers hormones are doing well to help the baby develop. If there is any unusual problem or pain, one must consult the pregnancy doctor immediately.

3. Does One Gain Too Much Weight

In addition to the pregnant womans weight before pregnancy period, she is required to add approximately 25 to 35 pounds to her weight during pregnancy to nourish her baby. An effective way to avoid putting on too much weight is to increase ones calorie intake by 300 calories per day. One must do exercises regularly to ward off any anxieties about becoming overweight during pregnancy.

4. Is Drinking Coffee Harmful During Pregnancy

It is a highly controversial issue dividing pregnancy specialists. While some doctors think that a cup or two would not harm the baby, others disagree. One must consult ones doctor. For example, if someones blood pressure is high, her doctor might advice her to stop caffeine intake altogether.

5. Does Using Seat Belts Harm The Baby

What one should do is to seek advice of the doctor on how to place the seat belt on the abdomen during the pregnancy period. A seat belt, if used appropriately, protects the mum and her baby. In fact, this is a vital aspect of pregnancy safety.

6. What Sleeping Posture Suits A Pregnant Woman

With the advancement of pregnancy, one notices that sleeping on ones sides or back is quite comfortable. One must not sleep on the stomach during the pregnancy period, because it exerts pressure on the fetus. Even otherwise, a pregnant woman does not feel like sleeping on her stomach since her belly becomes bigger.

So, now after the clarification of doubts about pregnancy, be ready to bring a new human being on this planet without too much agonizing.

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