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Breastfeeding has Innumerable Benefits

Breastfeeding is part of Mother Natures plans of reproduction and of providing the babys nutritional requirements from the most natural source. There are innumerable benefits of breastfeeding as compared to other forms of feeding of babies.

Besides being absolutely free, it protects the baby from infections and is easily digestible. Breastfeeding infants develop a special bonding with their mothers and there is no tendency to become obese. Nursing mothers are also benefited by breastfeeding and their babies have a healthier growth.

Advantages Of Breastfeeding

It Strengthens The Immune System - Statistics have proved that formula fed infants tend to attract more infections as their immune system is not as fortified as that of babies who take breast milk. Antibodies in mothers milk are transferred to the babies and these put up a strong defense against various diseases such as meningitis, diarrhea and respiratory problems.

It Is Nutritious And It Is Easily Digestible - Breastfeeding infants are able to get all the nutritional requirements that their growing bodies need from breast milk, which contains the right amounts of protein, lactose and fat as per the babys nutritional requirements. It also has the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals that are essential for newborn babies. Moreover, it is easily digestible for breastfeeding infants with the result that they have lower incidents of constipation or diarrhea.

It Is Free - Breastfeeding of your baby is absolutely free and since breastfed babies develop a strong immune system and do not fall sick as often as bottlefed babies, breastfeeding mothers have fewer medical expenses and need lesser time off from work to look after their sick babies.

It Is Available Whenever And Wherever Required - Mothers milk is available day and night and at the right temperature without the need to warm the milk and to sterilize the bottles. It is always fresh and there is no need to rush to a store like the way you might have to if the formula milk you feed your baby runs out.

It Guards Against Obesity - Breastfeeding does not lead to obesity in the infant as it does not help infants gain unnecessary weight. Thus the child will have lower chances of getting diabetes and heart ailments which are the direct fallout of obesity.

It Provides Perfect Bonding With The Mother And It Imparts Better Intelligence - Breastfeeding infants tend to develop a special bond with their mothers due to the close contact with their bodies and they acquire a better IQ level than formula fed infants.

It Benefits The Mothers Also - Nursing mothers gain a lot of confidence as they look after their babies and breastfeed them. They are also able to get rid of calories and return to their original body shape quickly. Breastfeeding also decreases the risk of various forms of cancer such as uterine, ovarian and breast cancer.

It Introduces The Infant To Various Food Flavors - Since a nursing mother needs about 500 more calories every day for production of breast milk, she has to eat various types of food with different tastes. The flavors of these foods get passed on to the infant through breast milk and it gets used to them, facilitating its ability to switch to such foods when it grows up.

The decision to breastfeed a baby depends entirely on the mother and her familys advice but the advantages of breastfeeding are far too many to be neglected.

There is no denying that advantages of breastfeeding are numorous for the baby and the nursing mother. Breastfeeding infants get the recommended baby's nutritional requirements from breast milk. Read more articles related to breastfeeding, pregnancy and childbirth on Pregnancy-Period.Com

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