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Prostate Symptoms Men need to be Aware Of

Prostate cancer, relatively unheard of until recently, has become the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men and a leading cause of premature death.

For many men prostate symptoms are just something that they consider a part of growing old.

This isn't always necessarily true and any sign or symptom of prostate trouble needs to be checked by a doctor. In all likelihood any symptoms experienced will be the result of an enlarged prostate and not prostate cancer. The earlier symptoms are diagnosed the sooner the condition can be treated and relieved.

By 60 about half of all men will be affected and by the age of 80 nine out of every ten men will be experiencing some sort of prostate symptoms.

There are a range of different prostate symptoms that might point to developing problems and, as with most things, these symptoms can also be caused by a whole range of other problems.

Symptoms are usually those of a benign condition, such as benign prostate hyperplasia, and treatment can improve quality of life. Symptoms of BPH include a hesitant or weak stream, straining to urinate, a feeling that the bladder does not empty completely, urge incontinence (an involuntary loss of urine preceded by an uncontrollable sense of urgency), increased frequency of urination (particularly at night), an urgent need to urinate, and pain or irritation when urinating.

Other symptoms include continuing pain in the lower back; pelvis, or upper thighs. Because prostate cancer tends to metastasize to the bone, bone pain, particularly in the back, can be another symptom of prostate cancer.

Prostate problems will develop in the vast majority of men as they grow older, commonly starting at around 50 years of age. Like other cancers, prostate cancer is a disease of cells growing out of control. Prostate cancer is usually a slow-growing type of disease, but there are some fast growing prostate cancers as well. It often causes no symptoms at all, especially in its early stages.

Prostate cancer, relatively unheard of until recently, has become the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men and a leading cause of premature death. In many cases prostate symptoms will be quite mild and, because at this time in life most of us are starting to develop a range of medical problems, we tend to ignore prostate symptoms as being nothing more than a normal part of the ageing process.

These prostate symptoms are the body's warning signs that problems may be starting to develop and, whilst in most cases, this is not serious and nothing to be worried about, for all too many men these are the warning signs of a serious and in many cases fatal disease.

Hopefully, with increased awareness of prostate problems, fewer men will present at this late stage of the disease and get treatment before it becomes a problem.


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