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Glutahione - The Most Powerful Antioxidant in your Body

The most powerful Antioxidant is not a Berry, a Fruit or a Drink.

It is in your Body - Glutathione (GSH). Every cell in your body requires an adequate supply of Glutathione to function and to stay healthy.

Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant in your body. Increasing Glutathione levels will naturally increase your energy, detoxify your body and strengthen your immune system.

Glutathione (GSH) is a protein produced naturally in our cells. Unfortunately, as we grow older our body produces less and less of this vital antioxidant. GSH functions both as an antioxidant and an antitoxin. It is a major defense system against illness and aging.

Our Glutathione level actually indicates our state of health and can predict longevity. Although there are more than 60,000 published papers on the beneficial effects of Glutathione supplementation, it is still largely ignored by mainstream medicine.

Glutathione also works to help improve mental functions, increases energy, improves concentration, promotes increased levels of exercise, improves chronic pain disorders, lowers blood pressure, improves heart and lung functions, and helps control the effects of diabetes.

Increasing age and other factors reduces the body's production and utilization of GSH. Research has shown that individuals who have low levels of Glutathione are susceptible to chronic illness.

Clinical data indicates our GSH levels decline by 8% to 12% per decade, beginning at the age of 20. Levels of Glutathione are further reduced by continual stress upon the immune system such as illness, infection, and environmental toxins. A lowered immune system results in higher incidents of illness and disease. This is a ferocious cycle. While you need Glutathione for a productive immune system, a weakened immune system hampers the production of Glutathione.

Unfortunately, supplements containing Glutathione alone will not increase the body's GSH Levels. It is useless to purchase supplements that merely contain Glutathione, because the digestive system breaks down ingested Glutathione and it will not be absorbed into your system.

Glutathione provides the proper nutrients needed to promote the body's own ability to manufacture and absorb Glutathione. Glutathione aids in liver support by destroying environmental poisons thus helping the liver to function as the main production site and storehouse for Glutathione.

Robert Keller MD, MS, FACP is the inventor and developer of a new Glutathione enhancing product called MaxGXL. Dr. Keller was named as one of the worlds's 2,000 Outstanding Scientists of the 21st Century, and has served on the scientific review panels for the National Institutes of Health and the VA. He has served on the faculties of the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, the University of Wisconsin and the Medical College of Wisconsin (Marquette Univ.) He has published more than 100 original articles in various medical journals.

Dr. Keller was elected to The Board of Governors of the American Academy of HIV medicine, and serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of the National Hemophilia Federation.

The Consumers' Research Council has named Dr. Keller one of America's "Top Physicians in 2003, 2004, and 2005 in the fields of Internal Medicine, Immunology and Hematology. Dr. Keller continues his medical practice and research activities at his clinic and laboratory in Florida.

How oxidation and inflammation are making you age, no matter how hard you work to take care of yourself. And what you can do about it.

Dr. Keller interview excerpts: You know all about inflammation--when you twist your ankle and it swells up to twice its size, that's inflammation. You probably also know that when you get a headache or strain your back, inflammation is the sources of the pain you feel. And, if you've read up on health conditions, you may be aware that inflammation is part of a heart attack.

These types of inflammation that we're familiar with are associated with illness or injuries. But chances are you're not aware of a very significant inflammatory reaction--one that profoundly affects your health every day of your life that is not caused by an illness or injury. I'm talking about inflammation at age cellular level, which is a normal process within the body.

To understand this kind of inflammation, it's helpful to think of the trillions of cells in your body as tiny "power plants', each working to its maximum capacity to produce the energy in a complex chemical process, of other chemical bonding oxygen.

We all know we need oxygen. Oxygen is essential, ironically, is what makes it ultimately dangerous and destructive. Oxygen is a high unstable, highly reactive substance. All materials, when exposed to oxygen, will break down the bonds they have and form new bonds. This process--oxidation--releases a great deal of energy, but it also produces multiple waste products.

You've seen oxidation hundreds of times--it's one of the most common and powerful chemical reactions on earth. Oxidation is what happens when you leave an iron pipe out in the rain and you see it rust. It's also what happens in your fireplace when you see a lot consumed in flames. Think about that log in your fireplace--think about the soothing warmth and bright light it produces. Now think about the pile of ashes that's left behind.

Something very similar happens within your cells. Energy (like the heat and light in your fireplace) is produced by the cell's oxidative reaction, but is a "pile of ashes," so to speak. The waste products left behind are call oxidants. In many cases, they can themselves be corrosive and destructive--like the rust on that pipe I mentioned earlier.

Even oxidants that are not in and of themselves harmful can really clog up the works in your cells, making the cells less efficient and less able to produce energy. And, because oxidation is present--not just in your cells--your body is under attack from as well as from within--with pollutants, food additives and other substances that can cause oxidative damage to the cells.

But as we all know, the body is an amazing self-correcting system, so of course there are natural processes in place to combat the damage oxidation does. That's where inflammation comes in. Inflammation is the natural result of a biochemical processes and reactions, the purpose of which is to undo the damage done by oxidation in the cell.

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