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Supplemental Secure Income: Support for Needy Working Families of Today

Working in various industries is hard for some working persons nowadays.

It is hard enough to find a job. It is even harder to keep the job if ever you get lucky to land one. What is worse, the compensation you are receiving for doing full time work is not enough to feed yourself and your family.

Often times, a working person is made to choose between the necessities of life: food, clothing, shelter, medicine and education. Even person with stable jobs need to sacrifice the quality of one aspect of necessity for another.

This is why most Americans hold at least two jobs simultaneously. One job, however stable, is not enough for a regular person and his family.

The U.S government is trying to help solve this problem through Social Security Welfare Laws. Social Security has provided some mechanisms in avoiding the occurrence of such predicament in the form of welfare benefits that may either be in kind or may be in supplemental income. The biggest help, for a working man today is the Supplemental Security Income.

An individual you has acquired security benefits from the Social Security Administration, but still has limited income and resources to support his or her daily needs can turn to Supplemental Security Income for aid. Under the program of Supplemental Security Income, the Social Security Administration provides necessary payments to those who are subject of a disability and have limited income and resources. It becomes a source of much needed funds to answer his or her basic necessities, at least.

However, the benefits afforded under the Supplemental Security Income are dependent on the beneficiary's level of income and his or her residential status: whether living alone; in the household of another individual; or in a residential care facilities as the case may be. Supplemental Security Income provides not only much needed monetary support to the disabled individual but also makes the beneficiaries eligible for food stamps and other benefits in kind.

It is true that Supplemental Security Income may be viewed as advantageous to those who are in need. Nevertheless, these benefits are only paid to those eligible to receive the same. One example is disability among children.

Children can only acquire Social Security benefit upon showing that he or she really has medically determinable impairment that would actually lead to disability in every aspects of his or her life. Consequently, to be qualified for Supplemental Security Income, your income per month must not exceed the amount under the calendar of the federal benefit rate as set by law.

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