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Cleansing your Skin

Avoid using strong soap, smoking and going out in the sun without proper protection to preserve your healthy and natural skin.

Your hectic schedule, modern lifestyle and extra activities do not allow you to look after yourself.

Gradually you lose your impressive looks. Even if you are not a working woman, spending most of your time indoor still your skin gradually loses your youthful sheen and complex with your age. It is due to the less activeness of your sebaceous glands that leaves your skin dry and develops wrinkles on your face. Even the number of blood vessels in your skin reduces and makes your skin vulnerable to attack.

Therefore if you have not started to take care of your skin then get up from your slumber and start making skin care as an important part of your regular chores before it gets too late. There are various skin care tips that will definitely help delay the natural ageing process and prevent many skin problems in addition to giving bright and impressive looks to the onlookers.

Among the various the skin-care tips taking of plentiful amount of water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, taking exercise and rest is of prime importance.

Besides these there are several other factors that people forget to remember and they are:

Following certain rules while cleansing your skin.

Take precious care while cleansing your skin. Use warm water and limit your bath time to fifteen minutes or less. Avoid using strong soaps that may leave your skin dry. Also avoid jumping from one brand of soap to another. Continue using the same branded soap as long as possible. While purchasing soap, choose mild soap and do not forget to check the manufacturing date on the wrapper.

It will be much better if you can use cleanser on your face to remove make-ups but before that make sure that to determine your skin type.

Always handle your skin delicately because rough handling will damage your skin.

Another very important point to remember is to save your skin from the ultraviolet light of the sun by using sunscreen lotion, carrying umbrellas, wearing hats and sunglass for your eyes. Ultraviolet light of the sun can cause serious damages to your skin.

Next step is to maintain the natural moisture levels, by applying moisture that must be suitable to your skin type and your age. Never shave dry skin instead use press a warm wash clothe on your skin before shaving to soften the hair, or shave after a warm bath or shower. apply shaving cream, lotion or gel before shaving and make sure to rinse your skin afterwards with warm water.

Stop smoking that reduces blood flow depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients, such as vitamin A, which are important to skin health.

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