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Health and Insurance

Americans keep getting bigger and bigger. The Trust For Americans Health fourth annual obesity report, reveals in the past year, obesity rates have gone up in 31 states and no states had shrinking rates.

Also 2/3 of U.S. adults are overweight or obese, 60% of the population in 32 states is overweight or obese.

Obesity related diseases are also on the rise including diabetes, heart disease and Cancer. Along with the rise of these obesity related preventable diseases, health care cost and number of Americans without health insurance is also on the rise.

Forty seven million people have no insurance, 2.2 million more than last year, with health insurance coverage up 87% since 2000 according to AARP.

There are steps that can be taken to prevent devastating illness related to being overweight or obese, regardless if your insured or not. Inactivity and poor diet are the biggest problems causing obesity. The most important organ in your body, your heart, needs cardiovascular stimulation with some form of exercise to help fortify it and deliver oxygen to the body.

Health insurance companies can have some strict guidelines that will determine your premiums and deductibles.

Some of these guidelines will include preexisting conditions and if you don't have insurance you could be declined or the premiums will be out of reach. Health insurance rates are also being effected by the high rise in obesity linked illness.

Obese children rates are now at epidemic levels with one in five being overweight or obese. Corporate junk food advertising and busy parents not monitoring their kids physical daily activities and nutritional intake is having an overwhelming negative effect on their lives and chances of leading a good healthy existence into their young adult lives. Kids are growing up and dying of heart disease before they reach forty years old.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a free insurance policy for you and your family that only takes committing to good healthy nutritional foods and continuous fitness conditioning habits.

Inactivity in many peoples lives due to their jobs involving a lot of sitting or just bad lazy habits in their normal lives are causing health problems way before the natural course of your life would take. Time to start good healthy eating (avoid saturated and trans fats) and exercise routines and don't sway from them once you find what is working for you. Find a good diet program or prepare more food yourself at home.

According to the prominent World Health Oraganization, evidence is begining to reveal that you are at a much higher risk of acquiring a chronic disease as your average body mass index (BMI) increases over 21. They also claim if your (BMI) is 25 or more you are considered overweight and over 30 you are obese. You can calculate your own (BMI) by dividing the square of a persons height (in meters) by his or her weight (in kilograms). Heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer are contributed to a high body max index.

The one sedentary recreation that has become a big problem for many american families is TV. People spend an unhealthy amount of time in front of the tube. If you must watch, try getting up and watch at least 30 minutes per day of your favorite program while performing aerobics or calisthenic type exercises - any heart stimulating movement will help.

With employers passing more and more of the financial responsibilities onto their employees medical plans, the rise in health insurance, and the greater risks of illness due to obesity, taking steps to help stop the possibility of chronic and life threatening diseases only makes sense. Making some simple life changing choices can help you and your family ward off devestating health and financial problems in the future.

Optimal health will depend on the way you run your life. The important thing is to start and never stop.

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