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Look Younger and Feel Great

In spite of the effect of sunlight on the skin, there are other factors that affect skin health.

Dryness, loss of tone and fullness, diminished immune responses, and reduced ability to repair damage are all factor that contribute to the aging process of the skin.

When most people think about things that they can do for their skin they usually think of what they can put on their skin rather than what they will put inside themselves to make their skin healthier.

You will find it is easier to preserve skin health than reverse damage so start good care early in life. If you have already experienced damage , it is not to late for you. Your body is always regenerating itself and given the right treatment, you can reverse damage to the skin and the body.

Topical application of quality immune boosting products is essential; it is equally important to nourish the skin from the inside.

Polluted environments are hard on the skin but if you are eating plenty of healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, using natural sun block, avoiding smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol, eliminating process foods and high fat foods from your diet, cleansing with gentle products, use natural skin care products; no mineral oil or petroleum products on the skin, you can have beautiful skin.

* Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

* Drink plenty of water- 8-12, 8oz glasses a day.

* Use natural sun block for skin and hair.

* Eat plenty of healthy, vitamin-rich foods, as many vegetables as you can each day.

* Avoid smoking.

* Avoid excessive drinking of alcohol.

* Eliminate process foods from your diet.

* Eliminate high fat foods from your diet.

* Use natural skin care products; no mineral oil or petroleum products on the skin.

Let me help you understand what I mean when I say eat healthy foods.

I started improving my diet 30 years ago in 1976; the difference in my health and the health of my family and friends who still consume fast foods, soft drinks, and processes foods is unmistakable.

Women's health is at great risk because of the lack of quality foods and the consumption of process high fat foods. At almost 53 I am in great health and physical condition. My weight is stable even though I have gone thru menopause. My energy is high even though I am over 50, I feel as good as I did at 30 and did I mention I have birthed and raised five children?

Eat vegetables is not clear enough. Eat vegetables at every meal. If you are traveling and you have a chance to eat a salad for breakfast, do it. Eat at least two vegetables with lunch and dinner and snack on vegetables. When you are home be sure to keep carrots, celery, broccoli and cauliflower available to snack on.

Eliminate chips, soft drinks or other high sugar foods from your home. If you are reclaiming your health or preserving your health let your friends and family know and ask them to join you.

When I started 30 years ago this information was not so available as it is today.

Everywhere you look if you become conscious of this conversation you will see support for your wellness. I have a complaint with the health care industry. I prefer to call it disease care when you are taught to manage your disease not to preserve your health. It is possible to avoid inherited diseases of your family and preserve you health before disease strikes and I am committed to announcing this to the world.

Take charge and have your health for the rest of your life. If you are reading this it is your inspiration for today. Tomorrow, and each day from this day forward find an inspiration to move you to new levels of understanding and commitment. Make a commitment to find an article daily, that confirms your commitment to great health for the rest of your life.

If you look around ,you will see everywhere there are support systems to equip you in your quest for health and wellness. Be inspired and motivated to claim health. I know if you have physical health it is more likely you will have spiritual and emotional health as well. Start today! Get healthy.

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