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Colours Wheelchairs Launches Innovation in Wheelchair Wheels

Colours Wheelchairs has announced the launch of the The Bite Laced Wheels. This innovative wheel combines style and technology in a way possible only for Colours.

On standard wheelchairs, a brake is mounted onto the Wheelchair Frame and must be engaged to secure the wheelchair. The frame-mounted brake adds weight, is unattractive and can be difficult for people with limited hand mobility to engage. In addition, frame mounted brakes can get in the way of transfers, can pinch fingers and can be a danger to wheelchair users' hands.

The Bite Laced wheel has a unique built-in brake system; a patent for which is currently pending. With a simple flip of the locking lever on the wheel hub, the locking pins insert into the receiver assuring a secure and stable chair.

This new wheel design allows wheelchair users to avoid the inconvenience of brakes mounted on the wheelchair frame. With the new wheel, the wheelchair is lighter and more attractive, there is no longer the danger of a wheelchair user hitting their hand or pinching fingers and it allows camber and center of gravity to be changed without adjusting wheel locks. As it comes with standard quick-release axels, the Bite Laced Wheel can be used on nearly any wheelchair.

In Great Britain products from Colours can be purchased at Kent Mobility Ltd.

Some of the wheelchairs we import from Colours Wheelchairs include:

The Spazz G, the cool looking wheelchair that can expand in width

The Boing! The first wheelchair with four wheel independent suspension

The L-Frame, Colours newest ultra-light wheelchair

In addition, we are pleased to announce that Colours has selected Kent Mobility to receive the Leading Sales award for 2007. Colours have selected our company from amongst all of its European distributors to receive this award in 2007. We are proud to have been selected by Colours to receive this award.

In addition to Great Britain, Colours has distributors in many European countries including: Ireland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Israel, Iceland.

Contact information for our partners can be found on the Colours Website.

Colours is seeking distributors in all other European and Mid-Eastern Countries, including Italy, Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Greece, all Scandinavian markets and most mid-Eastern markets.

Disability dealers and distributors interested in importing Colours products should contact Colours or Colours European representative, Med Services Europe.

About Colours: Colours is a US manufacturer of Ultra-cool, ultra-light wheelchairs. Founded in 1992 Colours is a leading US manufacturer of rigid wheelchairs.

About Med Services Europe: We are responsible for developing Colours network of distributors in Europe and The Mid-East. We are seeking distributors for Colours products in many European and Mid-Eastern markets. Disability dealers interested in information about importing Colours products are encouraged to contact us at our Wheelchair Website.

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