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What Causes Allergies?

What is the cause of allergies?

Contrary to what you have been told: you are not allergic to pollen, pet dander, or whatever it is that makes your body revolt! Rather, your body just can not handle that one thing, whatever it is anymore, due to the massive barrage of toxic chemicals you and everyone else are ingesting every single day.

We're ingesting these toxins through the foods we eat, the liquids we drink, the air we breathe, the stuff we put on our skin, and everything else in the environment.

Twenty thousand years ago, all what humanity had available to break their bones were sticks and stones; now it is words on a food label that can kill you. Granted, that is an oversimplification; yes there were diseases, but not like there are today. Back then, everything was "natural" and "organic." Early peoples could not make the chemicals we can and unfortunately do today.

Yes, they died of things like the common cold, but, according to my research, not tuberculosis, anthrax, or AIDS; much less cancer. But do not believe a word I say, prove it for yourself! This is my point; we should not take anything at face value.

For instance, I propose sickness is not a natural human condition. I believe, based on my findings, we were not born to suffer from allergies, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, or migraines. The so-called health "care" industry would have us believe taking pills is the only natural and "proven" way to fix whatever ails us, and that being sick is not only typical, but a normal process of the human body. But, in fact, I believe we were never, ever designed to be sick a day in our lives!

Reports show more people are getting medical care than ever before. More people are taking pills than ever before. More pills are being taken overall than ever before. Yet more people are sick, and sicker, than ever before - and this is taking into account population growth.

Why? It can hardly be a coincidence that more people than ever before are getting health care, more people than ever before are sick and with more diseases than ever before. The issues are more complicated I agree, but it all boils down to one common thread: Humanity today is trained to be sick.

Within our environment, what we eat, our daily activities, how we wash our clothes, lotions, makeup, soap and even what our houses are made of. Our entire lifestyle is built for the sole purpose of making us sick.

Chemical causing allergies

What else is that chemical pill doing to your body? What is the path of the chain reaction? That chemical is going to do something to every single function in your body, and since science as yet does not fully understand the careful balance of the human body, those effects are much more likely to be adverse than positive. Of course, that much is obvious, just read the labels on medicine for side effects. Every food you eat, every drop of water, every molecule of oxygen, will affect your body somehow. If that food is toxic, if that water is contaminated, if that oxygen is polluted, obviously it will do something negative to your body. Maybe the obvious effects are not immediate, but over time, as you continue to poison your body, it will eventually break down and not be able to handle everything you put it through.

Thought for the day

The only thing that cures illness is your body. Everything you do to it, can only help or hinder that process. When your body is out of balance, it becomes sick. When your body is in balance, it can ward off illnesses more readily.

You know how a friend of yours gets a cold, and some of their friends and co-workers catch it, yet others don't? Everyone was exposed to the germ that caused it, yet somehow only certain people got sick. Reason being, their body was out of balance and couldn't handle the illness properly.

The same thing goes for allergies. Everyone is exposed to pollen. Everyone is exposed to pet dander, mold, dairy products, peanuts, and so forth. Why it is that only some people are incapable of processing these things, while others have no problem whatsoever? It's not over-exposure, because the same theory would still apply to everyone.

The answer is very simple

You have a chemical imbalance in your body, but it's not histamine or dander. Although actually, in the course of my research, I could not find anybody who really knew what originally causes allergies or other so-called genetic diseases, one thing became perfectly clear - we are exposed to thousands upon millions of chemicals and toxins every single day. So, eventually our body can no longer keep up anymore, and we stop being able to process even natural things like pollen, creating an allergy.

Reversing this requires first understanding where all of these toxins are coming from. This is very far-reaching and all encompassing - but we cannot work to change this until we really know just how well-trained we are in the art of making ourselves sick.

As we discussed above, allergies are mainly caused by our modern lifestyle:

What we eat, what we breathe, what we put on and into our body, especially all those chemicals ingested in our processed foods and the medicines we take. Let's discuss this matter a little bit further...

Animals in the true wild rarely get sick. They rarely have heart disease, cancer, migraines, or allergies. Only when animals are kept domestically and given medicines, processed foods, and immunizations they develop so many of these kinds of diseases and allergies. I repeat - it is in only animals kept domestically that we see this overwhelming prevalence of sicknesses. I am asserting that human contact causes animals to have illnesses.

There are case studies of entire civilizations so remote they can not even be considered third world, that are purported to have never had allergies or any of the so-called degenerative or genetic diseases existing in the rest of civilization today. The denizens of these societies never get those kinds of illnesses until they come over to the western world - and then almost instantly they develop allergies, become obese, and suffer from depression.

I recently read a study on autism that was done in a Quaker community - a people who refuse modern medical treatment and live their own way in their own little commune. Here the results are compared: In the rest of the Western world, 1 in 150 children have autism, but in this Quaker community of over 6,000 people, only 3 children had autism - those were the only three children in the entire community to have received all their immunizations! I was shocked! Is this a coincidence? I hardly think so!

The pros and cons of technological advancements.

Twenty thousand years ago, humanity had communicable diseases - things like the flu or the cold, and in severe cases the black plague, chicken pox, and others. This is the original way to be sick - to "catch" a disease - and, according to my research, up until about five thousand years ago there were no other kinds of diseases.

So what changed five thousand years ago?

According to my research, at this time China was first beginning to develop chemically engineered medicines, coincidentally the first documented degenerative and genetic diseases started to be reported - such as allergies. It is very difficult to track just exactly what caused what, but even just following the time line it's very easy to see that as medicine advanced, so did diseases.

This is also about the same time when farming for food production became widespread as a domesticated practice. In other words, civilization started mass producing its own food, instead of going out in the wild and gathering it wherever the food naturally occurred. This made life more convenient yes, but conversely, you know what happens when anything is put very close together in a dense, tight, singular location, right?

Take 100 average sized fish, for instance. Put all of them in the ocean - they can run wherever they want, and the broad ecosystem is more than capable of disposing of all their waste and feeding all of them adequately. Now take them out of the ocean, and move them into a 50-gallon fish tank. Their water becomes misty and polluted; the walls of the tank covered in disgusting green grime, the filtering system just can't keep up and eventually clogs.

Even planted crops will eventually develop waste disposal and nutritional problems in high concentrations. Not to mention, diseases will spread much more rapidly throughout the field.

The only thing science does better than nature is make a profit. Every single advancement thus far, every single thing that is considered a new development, has some kind of trade off and side effect. Some "advancements" are more detrimental than others.

Example - with the advancement of cars, there came the advent of more and bigger junkyards to hold all the waste created. Cars made our lives more efficient, and allowed for us to travel great distances on our own terms (rather than waiting for a train), but what goes up must come down, and eventually the useless hunks of metal had to be disposed of somehow. Not to mention everything else cars have done to the environment.

Now let's think about this on a smaller scale; think about that little pill you are taking. It's meant to treat symptoms, right? Read the bottle carefully - treat symptoms. What happened to fixing a problem at the root? What if you only treated the symptoms of everything in your life, instead of fixing anything at the root?

Want to know the whole story and learn how we can protect ourselves and fight against allergies?

Nelly Sanders is the author of the author of the ebook "Allergic to Everything"

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