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The Start of Something New

Mary Ann Martin Johnson is the C.E.O of and is totally disabled.

She has arthritis in both of her legs; her back is severely damaged from all the accidents she's been through. These two things make it very hard for her to walk. She has been waiting for SSI to assign her a hearing with a court date for over two years. Everyday she struggles to get medicine and afford the high cost of health care.

Being disabled and not able to do what she's used to doing, if money was short or non existent, she would do day work to help meet the family's immediate needs. Now that she's totally disabled, that option can no longer work for her. Mary is forced to find creative ways to come up with extra funds to help her stay as healthy as possible during these difficult circumstances.

Still, financial problems still exist with no solution yet. Mary started a website to try and sell items she makes and let people read and voice their opinions about her poetry or their own poetry. While Mary is the only one that's selling on the website, she has hopes that other disabled people will join her and display and sell their items also. Each month the topics change, but in the near future there will be a different topic each week. Anyone can join in the discussions, but only the disabled are allowed to post and sell items on the MAMJPW.COM website. These items can be homemade or purchased at local flea markets or purchased at low cost at estate sells.

The MAMJPW.COM future goals is that other disabled people who find themselves in need of medicines or need money for their health care can join MAMJPW.COM and become a group of disabled people helping each other to get our needs met together, by selling our products and talking about poetry.

Secondly, businesses and anyone that wants to support our endeavours are welcome to give financial support or donations of products.

And last but not least, it is hoped that MAMJPW.COM become world known as being a resource to bridge the gap that we disabled people fall through when we don't meet the standard profile. Come visit us at and read our "about us" page and look through our website. Join in on our conversations about poetry and get to know new exciting friends.

Mary Ann Martin Johnson

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