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Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is commonly found when breathing is paused for sometime during sleep. This type of apnea lasts within very few seconds to minutes.

Breathing comes to normal again with a choking sound or a loud snort. This condition disrupts human's sleep up to 3 or even more days in a week during nights. Deep and light sleep comes simultaneously when breathing is paused. This in turn makes us tired in the daytime with lack of sleep. Too much of sleep in daytime is one of the major causes of Sleep Apnea.

Most of the people are unaware of the fact whether they are affected by sleep apnea or not, as it happen during sleep. It is often undiagnosed by doctors as they can't rectify the state during visiting hours. No blood tests exist for this disorder. There are two other names of Sleep Apnea. One is the Sleep-disordered breathing and the other is Cheyne-Stokes breathing.

Sleep Apnea is caused when the throat muscles are well relaxed, while at sleep and does not allow the airway to be open to permit air to drive into the lungs. While awake, the airway becomes stiff and opens up allowing air to flow into the lungs. It is also found that mostly overweight people are affected by this apnea in maximum. It is commonly found in men when compared to women. This type of symptom gets more common when getting older. In case of women, they are likely to get affected after their menopause.

Sleep apnea is likely to stick to people having small airways in their mouths, throats or noses. It develops in small children when they have tonsil tissues in their throat in an enlarged state. The other threat factors include high blood pressure and smoking. The most common symptom is continual snoring and it may also have pauses followed by gasping or Choking. This snoring problem doesn't incur on all nights and the modulation differs at different postures of sleep.

While at sleep this gasping happens and judging becomes severe to understand the situation. Only the family members or the partner would notice such problems, while the affected person does it. It is not meant that all snoring people have sleep apnea. Other symptoms of sleep apnea are morning headaches, irritation, depression, changes in personality, lack of concentration in learning or memory problems, frequent urination at nights and dry throat while waking up.

In case of children it causes hyperactivity, aggressiveness and poor school performance.

They have strange sleeping positions, breathing through mouths rather than noses and bedwetting.

A perfect way to test sleep apnea is the sleep study, which has the tendency to capture the problems in breathing while at sleep. It is often made in a sleep lab or a sleep center which forms a part of hospital. The patients needs to stay overnight in such center.

To get quick relief, one has to change his or her lifestyle for example, avoiding alcohol, smoking, losing weight etc. Treatments improvise the health and increase the quality of sleep.

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