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A Decline In Intellectual Function

A decline in intellectual function, a common type of dementia, a progressive mental deterioration and memory thoughts are impaired.

In the United States, there are currently more than four million, who suffer from this disease. It lies and waits for the aged, claiming ten percent over the age of sixty-five and fifty percent over the age of eighty-five; killing 100,000 per year. Even though this disease primarily lies and waits on the aged, a more progressive form attacks between the ages of thirty-six and forty-five.

The symptoms of the disease are the lack of ability to function socially, perceptions of time and space is lost, depression, mood swings, and memory loss health deteriorates until the individual is totally incapacitated.

Sometimes an individual forgets where he placed his car keys and wonder if this is a type of dementia. No, it is not; we all forget where we placed our keys sometimes, but if an individual forgets, he owns a car this may be a sign.

I am speaking of none other than Alzheimer's disease. The cause is not known at this time, but there are some clues. Many clues point to deficiencies in the diet, low levels of vitamin B12 and zinc, antioxidant vitamins A, vitamin E, and the carotenoids. In addition, deficiencies of potassium, and selenium were found. A nutrient poor diet will affect the body mentally and physically. Start a supplemental program eating a well balanced diet.

It is a well-known fact that our land is stripped of it nutritional values, and by the time a person is sixty-five they are taking ten prescription or over the counter medications. This further depletes the body of crucial vitamins and minerals.

It is essential to replace the body with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Use a good organic supplement; keep the additives out of the body whenever possible. If it is not natural, do not use.

In autopsies of people who have Alzheimer's, a greater than normal amount of aluminum was found in the hippocampus area. Higher than normal amounts of the toxic metal mercury, was found in the brain, a clue of another link to Alzheimer's disease.

This is not a proven cause for Alzheimer's. The Lancet, a British medical journal, reported that in a study in Great Britain in early 1989, the risk of contracting Alzheimer's disease was fifty percent higher because of elevated levels of aluminum in the water. Whenever possible do not use aluminum cookware; go through the medicine cabinet and eliminate aluminum derivatives.

The University of Cincinnati Medical Center found that using aluminum cookware to cook tomatoes doubled the aluminum content. Aluminum is harmful, use for your cookware, stainless steel, glass, ceramic or earthenware.


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