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Home Health Mobility Aids

This article provides information about the various types of home health mobility aids available and how they can help.

Home health mobility aids can help carrying out day to day medical tasks. Whether to assist with recuperation, or to help a healthcare professional, there are various mobility aids to make home health tasks easier to carry out.

Here are 8 types of home health mobility aids which are designed to make your life easier.

Medicine dispensers or pill boxes are useful for those who may have to take several doses of medication a day. For example, some dispensers can store a weeks worth of medication, also making it ideal for holidays. Different sorts are available which may feature an alarm to inform the user when its time to take the medication. The dispensers are usually labelled with the day of the week so that the user and or a carer can see whether the medication has been taken.

Tablet cutters and crushers can make preparing medication easier for the individual as well as the healthcare professional. Depending on the model, the tablet cutter may have a storage compartment for pills. Pill crushers can be ideal for dispensing medicine to children or those who have difficulties swallowing.

A TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine, works by passing a very small electrical current across the nerve which carries the pain signal to the brain. If the brain receives no pain signal, then you feel no pain. TENS machines usually have variable settings and programmes so that you are able to manage the pain simply and effectively. They are small, discreet and portable so that you can take them with you. Similar to a TENS machine, a pen type device uses an electric pulse to activate the body's endorphins. This type of device is effective on minor, chronic or acute pain such as back pain, headache and arthritis.

For those who are struggling to hear conversations, or find themselves turning up the radio or TV, there are a number of devices which can help. A sound magnifier is similar in size to a personal stereo, and amplifies the sound through headphones. This means that the TV or radio can be kept at a low enough volume so as not to disturb others. It is ideal for use at the cinema, and the theatre for example, as well as in the home and garden. An in-ear hearing device is discreet and will provide a welcome volume and clarity boost to those who need it most. As the name suggests, they fit inside the ear, unlike headphones. A traditional style hearing aid is still a popular choice, and has a sensitive microphone. This type of hearing aid fits comfortably behind the ear, making it ideal for wearing for a long time, such as throughout the day or evening.

Thermometers can play a vital part in healthcare, and having an accurate, easy to read thermometer can save time. Digital thermometers have an easy to read LCD display, and a long battery life. An infra-red in ear thermometer can take an accurate reading within seconds, and some models can save several previous readings to allow comparisons to be made. A thermometer shaped like an infant's dummy can be used to take the temperature of a child quickly and easily, without causing too much distress to the child.

Various supports and braces are available to help treat conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, arthritis, tendonitis and other wrist disorders and injuries. There are various types available, depending on the condition and the user's requirements. Different types of splints and supports are available for other conditions, and other limbs.

Exercise and rehabilitation products can also be used at home, perhaps in conjunction with physiotherapy or other medical treatment. From gel ball hand exercisers to running machines, there are many suitable products available to help with rehabilitation as recommended by medical experts.

For people affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) the winter months can be a depressing time. Symptoms such as depression, lethargy, anxiety sleeplessness and social problems are common in those suffering with SAD. SAD is usually attributed to the lack of daylight during the winter months. Light affects the body in a number of ways and also affects the levels of melatonin, adrenalin, seratonin and dopamine, which influence moods, emotions, eating and sleeping. Light treatments are shown to have a positive effect for those with SAD, as well as for treating jet lag. There are different types of light treatments available, which range from small portable lights to much larger briefcase sized devices.

These are just a few examples of the range and variety of household health aids that are available. Why not see if there's a mobility health product that could make your daily living easier?

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