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Trim Down Butt and Thighs

How do I trim down my butt and thighs? Do I run, use weights, or do high reps & light weight?

As women, most of us have spent more time thinking about this question that we care to admit. When is the last time you asked your favorite guy: "Does my butt look fat in this"? Switching jeans over and over again to make sure your wearing the pair that make your butt look the best for a night out. If you've never had to ask yourself this question, you are truly blessed!

So, what is the solution to our questions about having a lean and tone lower body? Have you heard that dieting alone should do the trick? That lifting weights will make your thighs bigger and bulkier than ever? Are you afraid to do anything, just in case all the rumors you've heard might be true? So many women I know have a deep desire to reach their fitness goals. I see heartache and frustration on the faces of so many of my friends as they continue to wake up to the same old figure day after day.

How long have you been on the same program, doing the same exercises, and feeling the same way about yourself? Do you feel confident that your exercise and eating program are working for you or are you tossed around by every new idea, rumor, or exercise tip you see? Why do you continue on the same program when you are not getting the results you want?

I would like to offer you some good, sound advice about having a lean & tone lower body. Information that you can trust and use to see your fitness goals achieved.

My advice to you is to eat healthy, balanced meals in moderate portions; include cardio, strength training, and stretching in your program. Please, do yourself a favor and including leg strengthening in your program. Your leg muscles are the largest muscle group in your body, which means they burn the most fat. Fat, not muscle, is what looks like jiggly cottage cheese.

If you choose to do high reps and light weight (which isn't necessary to have a lean & tone lower body) make sure the weight is enough to challenge your muscles. Do no more than 15 reps at a time, and choose a weight that makes it difficult to do that last rep. Please don't be afraid of the weight room! The rumors and ideas you might have about getting "bulky" are just not true. Of course, as you lose body fat and begin to see muscle tone, you'll have more curves in your figure, but it is nothing to be afraid of, and losing body fat will not make you bigger.

Be consistent in your cardio and strength training program and you'll increase your metabolism, which burns fat on your body, including that stubborn lower body fat (which is often the last to go). By strengthening the leg muscles you'll be adding muscle. When you burn fat and build muscle, you'll be well on your way to strong, lean legs!


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