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Mobility Aids - Rollator and Wheelchair Ramps

We, as human beings, consider life to be the most precious gift. But, above all, we value the power freedom gives to us. This is why we believe that it is vital for the elderly and the disabled to maintain their mobility and in consequence their independence.

There are many innovations in the medical sector that allow an individual to gain movement ability and one of the most important is the rollator or the rolling walker as some people call it. Using a rollator it is easy to achieve mobility, not mention the increased stability.

A rollator brings a multitude of advantages, being one of the most often used mobility aids. They work best for flat surfaces, living facilities, strolling and performing daily activities.

The typical features of a rollator include four wheels and hand brakes, while the deluxe ones come with padded seats and baskets. The three-wheel rollator is preferred by those not requiring the extra stability provided by a four-wheeler. These mobility aids can be used on any terrain, are lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Many producers allow the customization of the walker, adding on smart features and accessories such as: tray, cup holder, tote bag, travel bag and hanging walker bag. Manufacturers are fully aware that people value quality and comfort more than anything else in the world and this is why a high-quality rollator is usually made of aluminum. Also, there are many stylish and designs available.

The gentle braking system is perfect for strolling outdoors and there are some models that fold flat for compact storage. Deciding which rollator suits the user's needs is difficult but not impossible. Consider the primary uses of the rollator, how long you will be using it and of course, the physical condition. It is vital whether or not the mobility aid device benefits the user's lifestyle.

Another device made especially to increase freedom of movement is the wheelchair ramp. The invention of this mobility aid eliminated the discomfort of doing transfers not to mention the difficulties of loading and unloading wheelchairs in various places.

The wheelchair ramp is an extremely useful device that comes in all types and styles. There are permanent, semi-permanent and portable ramps and they operate electrically or with hydraulic systems. The Internet is the best place to find the wheelchair ramp suitable to your needs and there are even plans posted for people desiring to build such a device.

Easy to assemble and equipped with a platform that is a similar to an inclined surface, a wheelchair ramp is ideal for the locomotion impaired. Some producers even offer a wheelchair ramp fitted with inbuilt steps in order to offer optimum protection, when loading or unloading.

A wheelchair ramp can be easily installed with the help of bolts and rivets and just as easily taken apart. Some people prefer portable ramps available in folded or rolled styles because they can be carried and used anywhere.

Gathering accurate information about mobility aids is vital. The market is full of options and deciding which wheelchair ramp is the best is not an easy task. Choose the ramp based on your needs; check the ones than help you negotiate steps and curbs, get smoothly over any transition in height that a doorway may present, and also to load and unload the chair from a vehicle.

Always consider the incline, the height, the width, the heaviness and the possible need to carry the wheelchair ramp at the destination. These are options that can help you narrow down your choices and make you choose the suitable ramp depending on your preferences.

There are many types of wheelchair ramps but among the most common are:

threshold ramps designed for doorways and sliding doors

roll-up ramps which can be a good choice for someone who needs an easily transportable ramp

suitcase ramps, convenient and compact ramp that folds in half lengthwise

multi-fold ramps that allow one to maneuver obstacles

telescopic ramps, used at a variety of height levels and track wheelchair ramps, which include two separate ramps lined up to the width of the chair's wheels.

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