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Lose Weight Fast - Secrets to Weightloss

Nutrition supplements are a good addition to your bodybuilding and weight loss nutrition plan if you want to lose weight fast. Weight loss supplements can work well with a good bodybuilding nutrition program because it improves the metabolism in the body.

Nutrition Myths and Tips To Help Aid In Fast Weight Loss

#1 Myth: Load up on protein to gain more muscles.

Totally baseless. There is no scientific study that proved the association of extra protein to muscle gain. In fact, the proper nutrition for athletes prohibits an excess of 2 to2.5 times the protein as in the RDA. To much protein intake can result in dehydration, kidney, liver problems, as protein needs a lot of fluid to remove waste products.

#2 Myth: When an athlete is thirsty, it means his body needs fluids.

The body might need fluids even if one is not thirsty. Drink plenty of water to keep the body flushed of toxins to stay fit.

#3 Myth: Sugar should not be a part of a good nutrition for athletes before a competition.

Sugar, which is a kind of carbohydrate, can actually fuel an athlete's energy, therefore improving his performance. Eliminating sugar in the nutrition for athletes may not let them perform at their best. This can hinder weight loss at the same time.

#4 Myth: Athletes who exercise for more than an hour are the only ones who need the sports drinks.

Totally untrue. Dehydration due to water loss can easily be prevented with the sports drinks.

#5 Myth: A good way to lose weight is through exercise.

If you consider your water loss as your weight loss, this may be true. But the water lost during exercise and other physical activities is to be replaced. Water loss is certainly not the same as fat loss. Proper nutrition for athletes and people who want to loss weight should be based on a health practitioner's advice and not on mere hearsay or popular beliefs.

You should always consider a full body fitness plan to keep the weight off for good.


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