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Automatic Toilet Paper Dispenser

Finally a Toilet Paper Dispenser Deluxe Makeover! It's hygienic, economical, convenient, ADA and Elderly-friendly and state of the art.

This gadget pre-folds and cuts metered (adjustable) lengths of toilet paper with a wave of a hand on the unit.

(Update: this same prototype has been successfully tested with an infrared sensor for a touch-free operation). Ingenious design allows it to be used on regular, jumbo or coreless types tissues rolls.

Say goodbye to the annoyances of the toilet paper dispensers of today. No more fumbling to replace a tissue roll, no more premature tissue break-off, no more unsightly tissue hanging off the roll touching the floor, no more messy floors from scraps of tissues and no more clog-ups due to excessive toilet paper use.

It would bring a breath of fresh air (no pun intended) to folks who suffer from the effects of a stroke, arthritis, MS, Parkinson's disease, paralysis or amputees who must have challenges preparing their own toilet paper. Then of course it maybe something the average person would wish for as well whether due to the practical reasons cited above or for the simple notion that owning something as cool would set them apart from the rest.

This patent-pending innovation is available for licensing or other business proposals.

Toilet Paper Holder manufacture a product that is ideal for those who are disabled or the elderly. It is a spare toilet paper holder that makes spare rolls easy to reach and retrieve as well as to store, plus it also keeps spare rolls hidden. For more information visit


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