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Hosting the Perfect Baby Shower

It's time for celebrating the new arrival, yes its time for the baby shower. If planned well the baby shower can be quiet a memorable experience.

There are a few important points to keep in mind while planning a baby shower. Firstly it has to be decided if the baby shower is going to be a surprise for the new mother or not.

The guest list has to be careful made so that nobody is missed out as well as the budget is taken into consideration.

The next step is deciding the venue while having it at the mother's residence could be a good idea as the mother would not need to go anywhere, having it somewhere else could save the mother the headache of cleaning up.

To make the baby shower interesting a theme could be decided and everything worked around that theme. Interesting games could be played and decorations, cakes and food could all relate to baby items. Baby shower favors could be handed out to guests.

Your checklist of baby shower supplies:


Shower favors




Games supplies

Some game ideas for the baby shower are listed below.

The guests can be made to sit in a circle and turn by turn they should be made to sing a song that contains the word baby. Any guest who fails to do will be out.

Each guest can be given a made to drink any liquid from a baby bottle and the guest who drinks the most in the least amount of time wins.

Crushed and melted chocolates can be placed in a diaper and guests should be asked to guess the chocolate. They could smell it or taste it.

Draw nursery rhyme characters on separate slips of paper and attach them to the back of your guest as they arrive. The guests now have to guess the name of the nursery rhyme character pinned on their back by asking questions.

You could play a treasure hunt where the guests are made to look for different baby items. These are just a few baby shower game ideas. You could be creative and come up with many more.

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