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Banana Diet and Calorie Information

The banana diet began in Japan and is completely anecdotal. It means there are very few studies to demonstrate the results for anyone who has attempted it. Just the story from one man who made it so popular that Japan ran out of bananas!

Naturally, Dole is incredibly cheerful about this since they are a supplier of bananas. The diet is child's play: Eat a couple of bananas in the morning with room temperature water (they don't tell you how much water to gulp; I would propose around eight and sixteen ounces). The diet instructions end there. You then have your usual lunch and dinner. Will it be effective?

Dole proposes it might be effective because of the nutrient content of bananas, which contain something termed a "resistant starch". This form of starch might eliminate the body's use of a certain type carbohydrates, along with potentially increase fat burning. Bananas, they say, can help improve the bio-availability of calcium which has also been shown to have a role in fat loss. The banana provides a good amount of vitamin C, a significant amount of potassium, along with three grams of fiber per medium banana. So even if you don't lose weight, it's a great addition to your daily consumption of those nutrients.

I haven't known someone who has tried it, but I reckon it could be effective for several reasons:

1. It helps people to eat something for breakfast when it may be that that hasn't been a practice for them in the past. Studies do show that having breakfast kick-starts your metabolism. So beginning this diet could help you if it helps you to start eating a morning meal.

2. Bananas do have fiber and quite a very significant water content. So two bananas could keep you full for a reasonable time. If a person was previously eating donuts in the morning, or sweet things at a coffee break, their caloric consumption will be lessened quite a bit by moving over to bananas and eliminating out all the fat and carbs in the latter choices.

3. Being in the mindset of dieting, or feeling like it may be it's time to do something to lose weight, can be a massive step in unknowingly changing your eating habits. It may actually be that once you make a start on the Banana Diet you may become more aware that it is important to you to diet. Perhaps you eat a little bit smaller portion at dinner, or leave out dessert; perhaps you go for a walk in the evening because you are ready to begina healthier way of living.


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