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Bathlifts for Elderly and Disabled

This article provides imformation about bathlifts, how they work and the health benefits they can provide. A bathlift can offer convenience when bathing, and help to regain independence, and is a more cost effective option than completely redesigning the bathroom.

People who don't find bathing as easy as they used to, and maybe perhaps struggle getting in and out of a traditional bath or shower, and are perhaps considering a walk in bath or shower could benefit from a bathlift.

A walk in bath can provide convenience but the bathroom will need to be redesigned, and there can be a lot of inconvenience involved. Also it is important to remember that the walk in bath will have to completely empty before the user can get out of the bath. This can cause some people to get cold, especially if the bath is full.

A bathlift can offer convenience when bathing, and help to regain independence, and is a more cost effective option than completely redesigning the bathroom, and there are none of the drawbacks of a walk in bath.

A bath lift operates by gently lowering the person to the bottom of the bath, letting them bathe conveniently in comfort, safe in the knowledge that the bathlift will raise them again. If there is not enough power to raise the bath lift, it will not lower. Bathlifts are easy to use and the hand control unit will often only have an up and down button. If required, the bathlift can be used by a carer or attendant to ensure that the user is safe.

Bathlifts are lightweight, quick and easy to install and portable, and so can be used in different locations.

The backrest is likely to be removable for when the bathlift needs to be stored or transported. The bathlift is both hygienic and comfortable to use. The cover is usually both non-slip and machine washable for convenience. The bath lift will usually be angled so that the user doesn't fall forwards. The bathlift is attached to the bath using suckers, which ensure that the bathlift won't slide around the bath. There might even be different coloured fabric available so that your bathlift can match the colour of your bathroom.

When the bathlift is in the upright position, the seat flaps are level with the edge of the bath, which provides a wide, supportive seating area, and allows easy transfer onto the bath lift. Pressing the control on the handset will lower the bathlift into the bath. As the bathlift descends into the bath, the seat flaps fold automatically, and the backrest reclines. When in a comfortable position, the user can enjoy a bath as normal. When the user has finished bathing, the handset is used to raise the bathlift to help raise the user can get out of the bath. The buttons will be pressure sensitive, so that the user can stop the bathlift at any point when it is lowering or rising.

The bathlift runs off a rechargeable battery, so there is no need to worry about mains leads. Depending on the make and model, the handset will be capable of around 20 lifts and lowers between charges. There is likely to be a light on the handset which will either blink or change colour to indicate it needs recharging.

The handset will detach from the bathlift, and can be recharged over night, so that it is ready when you need to use it.

Depending on the model of bath lift, there might be a travel bag to store your bathlift in. This will enable to take your bathlift with you discreetly when you travel, or store it at home when it is not needed, or if there are other people who use the bathroom.

Why not find out if a bathlift could help make your life easier?

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