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Great Ways to be Healthy

Health Tips

1. Create a signature dish. Become known amongst your friends for being expert at cooking at least one fabulous low fat meal.

2. Stay in touch with friends, there is a temptation when not feeling great that you can move away. Big mistake. Stay in touch.

3. Buy fruits and vegetables from farmers markets or pick-your own home grown foods - as well as healthy foods, this will help you to stay fit as well.

4. Go to the theatre and see that play you've wanted to see for sometime and why not take a friend.

5. Learning about other cultures through, food is a great way to increase your knowledge about different people.

6. Make someone else's day. Throw a surprise party or do an unexpected favour

7. Being fit and feeling good in your body is mentally and emotionally uplifting. Get in the best shape of your life, whether you're 23 or 93.

8. A wonderful exchange is to give and receive massages.

9. Put your skills to good use. Help someone in need in your family or community.

10. Create a ritual that will help to remind you about the importance of play.

11. Stay well and strong, drink lots of water.

12. If you don't have your dream job, get a hobby that brings you joy and that helps you to stay motivated.

13. Sign up for a charity run/walk. You could make money for a good cause and meet lots of new people.

14. Take an evening class in a subject that has nothing to do with your job, here again you'll meet like minded people.

15. Play your favourite music.

16. Focus on the things you have control over.

17. It's a good idea to get eight to nine hours of sleep per night.

18. Make that much put off health appointment.

19. Reconnect with long-lost friends.

20. Highlight the days in your diary when you should do self examinations.

21. Is your office lighting and furniture ergonomically correct? Ask for a health and safety check.

22. Make sure the stock in your first-aid kit is all up to date.

23. Install smoke alarms.

24. Get personal, e -mail is great, but phone calls, cards and handwritten notes are much friendlier. Tell someone how much you love them.

25. Create mindfulness, become still.

26. Just do what you need to do. Take that constant repetition out of your head and start taking action.

27. Be energized and inspired by the beauty of nature, work-out in the great outdoors.

28. Make sure your food stocks have dates that have not expired.

29. Fill yourself with excitement, plan your next vacation.

30. Not all changes have to take place at once, assess what you can do to control these.

31. Do something, just for the fun of it. Take on the excitement of a child.

32. Use essential oils to bedazzle your home with wonderful fragrances.

33. Relax and renew yourself

34. Laugh a lot. Sometimes it is a good tonic to laugh at yourself.

35. Try a completely new activity - one that will get the adrenalin going - how about sky-diving?

36. Get together with friends who you really want to be with.

37. Detox your body to get rid of some of those impurities.

38. Be your own best friend, give yourself some good advice.

39. Rejoice in your talents and celebrate.

40. Saying no to unrealistic requests is reasonable.

41. Look to family and friends to draw strength from.

42. Tune into peace through the power of deep breathing.

43. Create a wonderful ambiance at meal times decorate the table with candles and flowers.

44. Think positive, act positive.

45. Fill your life with things and people you love

46. Think before you eat - is this going to be good for your body?

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