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Is Chantix all it claims to be?

Chantix has been found to be one medication that has finally helped people to quit smoking when others have failed.

Working like a nicotine blocker in the brain, it attaches itself to the nicotine receptors and blocks its absorption. And because there are fewer feel good receptors that the nicotine can freely attach itself to, it lessens the desire you have for a cigarette.

A lot of folks have quit relatively easy using this method. And on top of that, there has been amazingly few withdrawal symptoms. Surprisingly, even two pack a day smokers are at times successful. But the first thing is to check and see whether your insurance company will cover it as Chantix is only available by prescription and many companies are reluctant to cover stop smoking products in general. If it is indeed covered, expect at least some level of pharmacy co-pay.

Over a period of two weeks you are prescribed a starter pack that will build up the medication levels in your system. Since Chantix is not nicotine based, it is not necessary for you to quit before taking it.

Whether you pick a quit day two weeks or three weeks out in order to allow the medication to build up even further is unimportant. The important thing is that you do pick a quit day and stick to it.

There are several side effects that have been experienced, but this can vary greatly from person to person, and are normally temporary. Extremely vivid dreams are most notable especially during the first few weeks of using the medication, as well as excessive gas, nausea and in some cases headaches.

The support with Chantix is also quite good with a free online system that begins even before you start to take your medication. This includes daily e-mails updates and stop smoking projects designed to help keep your efforts going in the right direction.

Chantix in itself works very well, however it may be more effective on smokers who are physically addicted to nicotine as opposed to those psychologically addicted as it seems to work much better on the former. Talk to your doctor and see. If you are more psychologically addicted, they may have a different medication which they would recommend for your situation.

So is Chantix a magic pill? Not even close. But then again, nothing is. It is only with a strong desire to quit smoking to any of the stop smoking aids work. For without the desire there is nothing that is going to MAKE us quit. We have to make that decision on our own.

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