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Condoms - How to put a Condom on Properly

Not only do condoms alleviate the concerns and worries of conceiving a child, but they also can add to the overall satisfaction of your sexual experience.

The best condoms are condoms that are guaranteed to be effective. Some condoms, however, do not guarantee that the conception of a child will be 100% prevented. But the best condoms, assure that this will most likely not occur unless the condom is damaged or un-proper usage of the condom is performed.

Condoms are the universal contraceptive, intended to effectively alleviate the concerns of conceiving a child. Although the only way to truly ensure that the conception of a child will not occur is through celibacy, the best condoms are known for being the second best method on that list.

Conceptions of children without the wanting or perhaps the capability of caring for that child is a common problem associated with men and women alike of many different age groups. It basically comes with the territory, and if you know what you're getting yourself into, you may decide to stray away from the danger and risks of sex. However, sex is a natural thing and is very common amongst teenagers and adults alike. The desire to fulfill someone's erotic cravings is all too common among these people, and why should they be deprived? Fortunately, for these people, the best condoms are made widely available to the public for this reason.

Instead of undergoing the extreme methods of celibacy, simple contraceptives can be used as strongly effective methods. Because everyone has hormones and desires, it would be impossible for each and every individual to undergo celibacy. For these normal people, the best known and popular method for controlling the conception of children is using condoms.

One of the most commonly interpreted mistakes regarding condoms is who they are really for. Most people think that the use and importance of condoms is directed entirely towards the male gender. What these people do not realize is that condoms are just as important if not more for the female sex. Females are the ones who must truly protect themselves, not only from conceiving a child, but from a distinct variety of sexually transmitted diseases. It is the woman, who should always have a pack of condoms by her side if she is sexually active. Men, of course, should have the same responsibility, but it is a more severe responsibility for the woman who in turn will be carrying the baby if it is conceived.

The only way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and child bearing aside celibacy is to use the best condoms. Not all condoms guarantee that the diseases or sperm will not be passed through the condom. The best condoms, however, will bluntly state the effectiveness of their product. Although there are birth control pills and other minor contraceptives available to the public, most of them are not 100% guaranteed to prevent conception, where as the best condoms usually are in most circumstances. Birth control, although it may help in the effort to prevent child bearing, does not at all prevent the serious risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease.

The best condoms can typically be found in most stores. These stores will generally have an assortment of types of best condoms such as the best feeling condoms meant for either his or her pleasure.

How to Put a Condom On

Each person should be aware of how to put on a condom and how to use it correctly.

Here is how you can go about using a condom correctly.

1. A condom should be put on before any contact between you and your partner as fluids released from the penis could cause pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases even very early on sex.

2. Condoms should be stored in a cool dry place when not in use.

3. The condom should be used before any type of sexual intercourse.

4. Once you use it do not open the condom wrapper with the teeth or nail as it could damage the condom.

5. Unroll the condom a little over the top of the penis make sure about the opening of the condom as if it's backwards then the condom won't unroll.

6. Hold the condom on one hand and the base of the penis on the other so as to put on the condom correctly.

7. Make sure that there is no air trapped inside the condom as it could break or tear the condom. Therefore squeeze the air out and firmly roll down the condom till the end.

8. Stop the act right away if the condom breaks and use a fresh condom. You can always check in between if you feel that the condom has broken.

9. While using latex condoms apply some water based lubricant as such condoms break if used with oil based lubricant. Oil based lubricants weaken the condoms and as a result there is damage done to the condom can use polyurethane condoms.

10. The activity should be stopped immediately after ejaculation and the bottom of the condom should be held firmly with your hand while withdrawing so that no fluid is spilled out.

11. Practice putting on a condom when you are not with your partner so as not to cause any embarrassment when you are with your partner about using it correctly and it is important to know because of safety reasons.

The female condom should be worn with patience and should be placed correctly.

1. The condom should be place before the partner's penis touches the vagina or rectum.

2. The smaller ring should be squeezed and inserted into the vagina, like inserting a diaphragm. The larger ring will go over the opening to the vagina to protect the outside sex organs from infection.

3. The smaller ring should be removed while using in the rectum. The condom can be put over the partner's erect penis and thus will be inserted into the rectum along with the penis.

4. Remove the condom immediately after sex before standing up.


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