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Constipation and Laxatives

Constipation is a problem for a large percentage of the population. Many people who deal with constipation will turn to laxatives and stool softeners seeking relief.

While these products may offer temporary relief, they are not good, long-term solutions. The fact is--laxatives and stool softeners do not cure constipation. Most people don't realize however, if they use these products too much, they could aggravate the constipation and cause other bowel problems as well.

The Truth About Laxatives and Stool Softeners

Over the counter laxatives and stool softeners are easily abused. Continual use of laxatives can be one of the leading causes of constipation. With prolonged use, the colon can become dependent upon the laxative for evacuation. When the colon has been exposed to laxatives and stool softeners for a long time and then it does not get an expected dose, constipation can occur. In other words, your body may forget how to release waste on its own. This causes more constipation, which in turn causes you to start using laxatives and stool softeners even more. Makes you wonder if that's the real intention of the manufacturers--to keep you addicted and buying more. Sound like any other harmful products you know?

Overall, having to rely on laxatives and stool softeners to obtain movement in the bowels is not good for the intestines. It can make them "lazy" when they are not getting the workout they need to stay healthy. Many people start out with a mild case of constipation and make it worse by using laxatives. It can turn into a vicious and perpetual cycle due to the reciprocal relationship between constipation and laxatives.

Effects of Laxatives

Stimulant laxatives have irritating substances in them. For instance, cascara and senna work on the large intestines. They cause the walls of the large intestines to contract so fecal matter can move and eventually leave the body. This is the cramping you feel when you have taken a stimulant laxative. Not only can most laxatives lead to a weakened bowel, but stimulant laxatives can cause abnormal changes to occur in the intestinal lining.

Melanosis coli is associated with prolonged laxative use. It is a condition causing dark pigment to be deposited on the large intestine, resulting in discoloration of the large intestine's lining that causes it to turn dark brown or black. Sometimes this condition is called pseudomelanosis coli or it could be referred to as "wear and tear" pigment. The discoloration may be minimal or very pronounced. The good news is that it can possibly be reversed if the laxative use is discontinued.

It is important to understand just because laxatives and stool softeners are available over the counter does not mean there is no risk involved in their use. People who take laxatives as a means of treating constipation may have an underlying condition, of which they remain unaware, such as a bowel obstruction.

When you suffer from constipation and laxatives seems like a quick fix, which it can be temporarily, you may not realize a better solution exists. Many people simply need to have their colon cleansed. Cleaning and detoxifying the body can rid it of years of accumulated sludge and fecal matter. It helps to rid the body of bad bacteria while making it a welcoming environment for good bacteria. Detoxifying and cleansing the intestines can improve the way you look and feel dramatically. Many people do not realize constipation and built up toxins in the body can cause acne, bad breath, fatigue and weight gain. Once your body is flushed free of the toxins and sludge, it can return to a healthy internal balance. Your skin will not be stressed by trying to get rid of toxins, your breath will smell fresher because you will not have foul gases emitting from your stomach, and your energy levels can increase as your digestive tract loses the sludge and buildup it has been holding for all those years.

One of the best products you can use to cleanse and detoxify your body is Oxy-Powder. Oxy-Powder is an all-natural product for oxidizing the toxins, sludge, mucous, and fecal matter that have collected in your system. When you start the colon cleansing process, you should expect to have bowel movements that are liquid in composition as well as extra gas. However, it should not be confused with diarrhea, which is caused by viral infection. You also won't experience the intense cramping like with stimulant laxatives. The liquid matter you will be passing is simply the old solid matter that has been oxidized naturally so it can be easily flushed out.

What is truly unique about Oxy-Powder is that once your body has been thoroughly cleansed you can continue regular maintenance doses without any fear of addiction or harmful side effects. Many people use this powerful oxygen-based cleanser and are thrilled with the results. They are able to say goodbye to those harmful stimulant laxatives, along with that awful constipation!

If you suffer from constipation, take heart. There is hope. You do not have to live with being constipated. You do not have to keep a stockpile of laxatives and stool softeners in your home, either. Constipation and laxatives for relief just is not a good combination. Do yourself (and your body) a favor and start cleansing your body today. You will begin to notice the difference right away!

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