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Consumer Rights - Common Help Line Numbers

In this present world of speed and movement, people are in the habit of traveling, reaching out and covering distances to hit their work places, bus stops, colleges and other places.

While movement is conditioned naturally by factors of economic status which decide option of travel, definitely the risks are almost the same when it comes to travel in any mode to world beyond the home.

Even within the home, trauma is also possible in accidental manner which may de-functionalize the neurological, cardio logical as well as renal function of the body in which case, a person needs to be connected immediately for necessary help in times of exigencies. It is normally the memory which takes the back seat and brain motor function always is the first casualty. In such a situation, therefore, the necessity for remembering a common help line number or a call center is pertinent. It is also necessary to have such numbers not merely because it would help or unblock the discomfort level, but also it is a part of the mandatory duty of the sovereign Government to see that its citizens get required help in times of crises. Crisis may be caused or triggered by factors naturally and may be caused by external ones. It may be a motor car accident or plunging of the van or injury caused due to burns and may be also due to factors of natural wrath caused by lightning, floods, seismic pressures etc. In all such cases, when the crisis bell rings, the ding dong battle for life begins. People as consumers of services rush here and there and waste critical amount of time in finding, knowing and getting all the required help that is urgently necessary. In stead of exhausting critical life saving hours on such unplanned, unorganized and wasteful exercise, it is most necessary to have an organized pre-determined and assured levels of information and communication that works at such moments. The message is that all such victims should be taken in seconds and minutes and they have to be got evacuated since welfare of people is the natural duty of Government which is tried and tested in such times.

Even during the normal times when a person as consumer buys goods and attempts to get right value for the money so spent, he or she has to be also compensated if it comes to any goods and services which are found to be defective or unusable. There could be a fraudulent sale or some elements of mischief involved in not giving right value against purchased goods or services turning to be defective or unacceptable. The Consumer buys all goods and services by spending money to pick up goods and services which may prove unproductive or make the expenditure valueless and it is here that the process of redressing such grievances by going to a consumer forum starts. Even help from consumer organizations under the provision of the consumer protection act is provided as a part of grievances redressal process of consumer related problem. It is the duty of the State to enable or establish a consumer helpline number which can work not only as mouth piece of protest or grievance in respect of goods and services but also help to filter down the concepts of consumer justice, safety and consumer protection by working as an important tool to help the consumers in a terms of evidence collection. This frontal approach of a help line may have to be backed up later by evidences or proofs about consumer getting deprived of his right in terms of value for goods and services. In addition to this, such a service can also work as a one-stop-shop or even a platform for exchange of grievances as well as for providing comfort level to consumers who get victimized in the process.

As of now, a consumer helpline number has not been popular nor universal. But, days are not far off when due to intense competition, forceful retailing and more rabid sales and purchases at every level; such complaints may rise day by day. To cope up with such rise in aspirations of the people and also to handle the number of complaints of such consumers, the formation of consumer helpline will become a legal and logical necessity under market system rather appearing to become merely a hand holding gesture.

The system of consumer market has to be strengthened in the way health services are to be strengthened through EMS. The standard of services has to be upgraded and consumers have to be also strengthened and supported log-stock and barrel. It is here that such a helpline number can become a unifying phenomena for gearing up the market process into action and help to network with those forums and organizations, which are all also involved in the confliction resolution process both at pre-settlement and post complaint stage for consumer redressal and justice.

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