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Eliminate Wrinkles

What if I had a magic eraser that would eliminate wrinkles? How many of you would buy it? Many people will try just about anything to fight the signs of ageing! Ageing my friends, happens wether we want it to or not. Fortunately essential oils are the safest, most effective and least expensive way to eliminate wrinkles!

What if I had a magic eraser that would eliminate wrinkles? How many of you would buy it?

Many people will try just about anything to fight the signs of ageing! Ageing my friends, happens wether we want it to or not. Fortunately essential oils are the safest, most effective and least expensive way to eliminate wrinkles!

Time Line: Since the beginning of time people have been struggling with signs of ageing. For centuries alchemist and philosophers have sought to find a secret formula for making ageing rulers appear younger and more vibrant. Stockholders today watch for new products that can eliminate or prevent wrinkles rather than cover them. They know millions of dollars can be made from the millions of people who rush to purchase these products.

The First Step: The first step is probably the most difficult. You must be able to look at yourself in the mirror. Pay close attention to your wrinkles as you make different facial expressions. Are those lines more pronounced when you smile, frown, squint or laugh? The first step in erasing those wrinkles is to change those expressions which cause them to be most visible. ( Unless that expression is a smile.) In my experience however, people who smile tend to have fewer wrinkles. This will require a conscious effort at first. Don't worry it will start to become natural in time. After all it took several years of the same facial expression to develop those lines.

Surgery as an Option: There are literally hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on cosmetic surgery. Face lift surgery alone is a multi million dollar industry. This type of surgery can and usually does wonders for a persons psyche. Along with their new younger appearance comes a considerably lighter pocket book.. I have heard of people spending $10,000 on a face lift. My skin wrinkles when I hear that! Then of course there is the discount face lift that gets botched. The patient is scared for life. Why take that risk? Herein lies a problem. After a few years or in some cases months, the wrinkles begin to re-appear. Why does this happen? Chances are you were never instructed concerning the first step. If you continue to use the same facial expressions, the same lines will return. You can count on that.

Instant Gratification: The surgical nip and tuck face lift can give you instant gratification. Your friends will notice the new younger looking you. Then they will likely want to know how much it cost. Any thing worth having is worth working for. Getting rid of wrinkles with essential oils is not instant! However, with continual use it will be lasting. In most cases essential oils will begin erasing your wrinkles in about 30 days. The beautiful thing about it is the change is gradual. Your friends will notice that you are looking younger. Of course, they will want to know your secret. Feel free to let them know you saved thousands of dollars removing your wrinkles using essential oils.

Cell Regeneration: Essential oils work on a molecular level and will actually regenerate skin cells! Essential oils have circulation stimulating properties which oxygenate the blood. This action energizes the cells allowing skin regeneration to take place.

Don't Apply the Brakes: When fighting the signs of ageing try to avoid slowing the process. A healthy lifestyle and diet will hasten your results. Habits such as alcohol and tobacco will slow the process considerably.

Anti-ageing Oils: The following essential oils can cut ten years off your appearance. When you look younger you feel younger and may even gain a new outlook on life. Carrot, clary sage, fennel, frankincense, galbanum, German chamomile, hyssop, lavender, lemon, lime, myrrh, neroli, orange, oregano, palmarosa, patchouli, rose, rosemary, thyme, vervain, violet leaf and yarrow. Any one of these oils will work on their own. Should you decide to be creative you can blend two or more to suit your particular needs. Use these oils in a bath, face oils or body rub. For use in a bath place 6 drops in warm bath and soak. As a face oil or body rub use 25 drops of your chosen oil in one half once of light nut oil such as fractionated coconut or almond oil. For best results apply face oil and body rub oil immediately following your bath. If you plan to blend oils remember to mix the essential oil together before adding them to your carrier oil.

Ironing out the Wrinkles: For centuries we have been seeking new ways to fight the signs of ageing. Through all of our technology and expensive surgeries there is nothing as effective or long lasting as essential oils.

Remember to always use therapeutic grade essential oils for optimum results!

Sallie A. Peterson is a stay at home mother of 2 boys and husband. She has been involved with the natural health industry for the past 15 years. Sallie has done extensive research with herbs and essential oils and has also been involved in helping to create essential oil blends for massage therapy, treating a variety of conditions.

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