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External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids can be easily distinguished from other hemorrhoids due to place of its appearance. These hemorrhoids occur around anus and can be noticed with the fleshy growth.

Like other hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids also bring you pain and discomfort. There is hardly any difference between sufferings you get from other hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Though there is no difference in pains external hemorrhoids can be easily distinguished from other hemorrhoids due to place of its appearance.

These hemorrhoids occur around anus and can be noticed with the fleshy growth. Inspect the infected area/flashy growth. You may get confused about the strangulating lumps-which are symptom of internal hemorrhoid- as that of external hemorrhoid.

The basic cause behind external hemorrhoid is said to be straining of veins of anal opening. Following remedies are suggested to gain temporary relief from external hemorrhoids. However, it is always better to consult your doctor who will guide you the right remedy according to condition of your hemorrhoid.

* Lukewarm bath procedure: This is a self-method and you can perform it yourself at home. No medicines are involved in this method. You just need a tub to perform this. Pour lukewarm water in the tub, dip affected area in the water and sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Continue this procedure regularly for some days. This will surely give your some relief. Never forget to dry the area dipped in the water, after completing sitting. Wetness of area may lead to itching and irritation and subsequently result in worsening of hemorrhoids.

* Ice-packs may also provide your some relief. Just take few ice blocks, wrap it in the cloth and use on affected area -apply and withdrawal cycle.

* If you are office worker requiring prolonged sitting in chairs - you must use cushions. Softness of cushions will decrease pressure on veins and give you some relief.

* Clothing plays important role in reducing your discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. Always use loose undergarments. Skin-fitting clothes may increase pressure on external hemorrhoids and add to the pains.

* Dietary controllike increasing quantity of fluids and more in take of fibrous food may also help you in getting relief.

You can use allopathic medicines as well as herbal medicines to get relief from external hemorrhoids. If required -if your hemorrhoids are considerably larger in shape and more painful- you may opt for hemorrhoid surgery. There are other remedies like herbal medicines and homeopathic medicines available for treating hemorrhoids.

When external hemorrhoid becomes larger in shape it is called as Thromboses external hemorrhoid.

You can distinguish thromboses hemorrhoid by lump formation or swelling around anus. Further thromboses hemorrhoid gives you severe pains. You may face problems like bleeding around rectal region, itching and irritation.

Major factors attributing external hemorrhoids are heredity, bowel disorders, pregnancy and obesity. Your doctor will be the right man to decide type of hemorrhoid and prescribe you correct line of treatment.


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