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Are You Carrying Extra Weight

Are you carrying a few extra pounds or if you live in the southeast US a lot of extra pounds.

If you are already overweight or obese your life expectancy is going to take a major hit. It may not be important to you today but as you begin to age it will become very important.

So you understand the facts, among those who are overweight, obese, or who develop type-2 diabetes you are at moderate or high risk of developing cardiovascular disease. If you end up falling into this category you are going to live an average of 18 to 20 years less than a normal weight person or a non-diabetics. You can choose to change your lifestyle or die young

It's estimated that 16 million to 18 million Americans who are now under age 40 and have type-2 diabetes and those people who are obese have five times the risk of dying prematurely than those with a normal weight.

If you are eating fast food three or more times a week you are packing your body with what you need to become a human IED. You are going to physically blow up and your heart is going to quit one day, twenty years before it would otherwise quit.

Recently Canadian researchers studied hospital and the death records of close to 9.5 million Canadians. 379,000 of who had type two diabetes. They found that men with type 2 diabetes reached "moderate-risk" for heart disease at an average age of 39 years, compared to age 55 for non-diabetics.

The "high-risk" category was reached at age 49 for the diabetic men, compared with 62 years for those without diabetes. Even someone who was educated under no child left behind can do simple math. You loose 13 years of your life. I know when you are twenty or thirty that is not important but when you reach thirty-five it starts becoming very important.

The Canadians with their second rate socialized medicine according to our politicians, also discovered among women with type 2 diabetes, moderate-risk for heart disease was reached at an average age of 46 and high-risk at an age of 56, compared to 62 and 69, respectively, for women who were not obese or who were without type two diabetes.

Something that few women stop and consider is, if they suffer from gestational diabetes they are 8 to 10 times more likely to develop type two diabetes later in life.

Putting this in Ebonics for the not so educated portion of our culture. If you get as big as a house when you get pregnant you are lighting the fuse for a time-bomb that is likely to go off when you hit your mid to late forties

Simple Steps You Need to Overcome Obesity Or Reverse Type Two Diabetes.

Ignore your conventional physician, unless you are seeing a physician who has some experience in natural treatment protocols you are going to just be treated and by no means cured. Unless they have experience with curing type-two diabetes there is a virtual certainty that your physician cannot help you overcome obesity or properly manage and cure your type two diabetes.

Ignore the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

The ADA has lately been making completely irrational statements about sound health and medical facts. Dr. Richard Kahn, the ADA's chief scientific and medical officer, went so far as to state for the public record in mid-2005 that:

"There is not a shred of evidence that sugar has anything to do with getting diabetes." He also said, "I don't think that there is any artificial sweetener on the market that has been shown to be unsafe." My question is where have you been in a cave?

There have been a long list of artifical sweetners taken off the market over the past twenty-years. Well Dr Kahn CNN also disagrees with you. We are so full of corn syrup that it creates all sorts of interesting biological data for medical researchers. We know everything in the US is just about money, forget ethics and integrity.You have to stop and think about it, the ADA completely endorses artificial sweeteners like Splenda. You simply cannot trust or believe anything they say.

If sugar has nothing to do with type-two diabetes then why are they endorsing artificial sweeteners? You really have to think about all of this.

If you are over thirty and carrying any extra weight begin to monitor your fasting glucose level twice a day. You will want to lower it to be 96 to 100 in the morning and no more than 120 at bedtime. Learn to read labels. The higher you're glucose level the worse your insulin receptor sensitivity is. The following points are the key physical steps you need to achieve this reduction.

If you see high fructose corn syrup on a label put the product back on the shelf and remove the product from your list of things you eat. The incidents of obesity and type-two diabetes have gone up directly with the per capita consumption of high fructose corn syrup in the US. The information goes all the way back to 1974.

As consumption has climbed so has obesity and new cases of type-two diabetes. The Europeans and South Americans eat very little high fructose corn syrup and the incident of obesity and type-two diabetes are much lower. Everything here in The US is done in the name of profits only, with little or no consideration to any potential implications.

Studies on the effect of fructose, as reviewed by Elliot implicate increased consumption of fructose (due primarily to the increased consumption of sugars but also partly due to the slightly higher fructose content of HFCS as compared to sucrose) in obesity and insulin resistance.

Chi-Tang Ho found that adding HFCS to fizzy drinks makes them up to 10 times richer in harmful carbonyl compounds, such as methylglyoxal, than those containing cane sugar. Carbonyl compound are elevated in people with diabetes and are blamed for causing diabetic complications such as foot ulcers and eye and nerve damage.

You MUST Exercise.

Sorry folks, there are no excuses, not even if you lost your legs as a result of an improvised explosive device while serving in Iraq in George Bush's folly. Exercise is an absolute essential factor and without it you won't have a chance to get either of these this devastating diseases under control.

Exercise does not have to be extreme. Engaging in a thirty-minute walk in the morning or early in the evening can and will produce results. The walks will go a very long way towards relieving stress.

No refined grains and little refined sugars.

These two types of carbohydrates will raise your insulin levels and your glucose level. Notice I did not say, no carbohydrates. You can have plenty of carbohydrates. You can eat them to your heart's content, but they need to be aboveground vegetables (go light on potatoes or squash, turnip roots and parsnips). Notice also that I did not say no grains. The grain exclusion does not go for whole grains. Eat whole grains in moderation.

Read labels know what you are eating, all that extra good fiber does not significantly alter the insulin and leptin response.

Oatmeal actually has a lowering effect on your blood lipid levels but again in moderation. Skip the Cheerio's and most other cold cereals they are processed with all sorts of chemicals that give them a five-year shelf life and are loaded with high fructose corn syrup.

Read labels know what you are putting in your mouth. If you do not know what an ingredient is, you probably do not want to eat it.

My mother was right, consume whole grains and skim milk, but both in moderation. My Mississippi country doctor is right also. He has never met anyone who could wreck havoc on their body eating green beans, collard greens, or spinach. But you can sure do it with 44oz sodas laced with high fructose corn syrup and fries from a fast food place.

Come To Gribs With Emotional Challenges.

Let's face it; obesity and diabetes are chronic diseases. It is not an accident but a result of a series of choices you make in life that cause you to fall in the category that haul ass means backing a 10 ton dump truck up to the door to load you up to go somewhere.

Nearly everyone has challenges that causes him or her to eat because they are bored or because they are under subconscious stress. Also, most people involved in any way with human physiology knows that a full feeling is a warm and fuzzy feeling that makes you feel good.

Meditate instead of stuffing your face.

You can arrive at the same warm and fuzzy feeling. If you are really desperate try having sex with yourself that will make you forget what you are stressed out about and it burns calories I am sure you find that a crude statement but it is an effective measure, and also a scientific fact. It works well for people who have mental health or social issues and no money to see a therapist.

To keep pounding on my dis-pleasure with our government health care cost is a real problem in the US where we have profit driven healthcare and run away costs associated with earning a degree in medicine. You and I know that our political leadership is also money driven. They are driven to no ethics and total corruption.

Eat Right For Your Metabolic Type.

Even doing all of the above steps might not be enough unless you balance your protein, carb and fat ratios for your unique and specific genetic biochemistry. We haven't gotten into this but I guess we will have to later We are all human but we do have different ethnic and racial backgrounds that do make a difference in each of us...

We do not believe in stuffing your brain, we believe in making you pause and give thought to what we are trying to tell you.

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