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Worlds Fattest Man Loses Weight

World's fattest man Manuel Uribe Garza, 40, weighs 1235 pounds. Due to his morbid obesity, he faces challenges like inability to move and walk. Manuel Uribe, was born in the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico and lives in San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon. He is considered the fattest man in the world.

He weighs over 550 kilos (1210 lbs.) and remained confined to bed for the past 5 years!

Manuel, with restricted movement, has to meet all his physiological necessities from bed. His mother takes care of his necessities and looks after his auto parts sales business through telephone and internet.

Manuel has now realized that his poor eating habits caused him to suffer from morbid obesity. He says that he had very poor eating habits.

Update: The Guinness Book of Records' fattest man has lost 570 pounds, half of his body weight.

The Mexican man dubbed the world's fattest man by the Guinness Book of World Records has dropped 570 pounds, a staggering 40 stone nearly half his body weight, according to a report from French news agency AFP. Uribe's goal is to get down to 265 pounds. For the past five years, Uribe has been bedridden. He keeps a television and a computer he uses to update his Web site near his iron bed.

Medical experts from Italy and Spain offered to carry out gastric bypass surgery, but he refused and instead accepted the help of US biochemist Dr Barry Sears, who prescribed the high-protein Zone Diet.

Fat Man He is waiting to hear whether Guinness will confirm his second title - the world's greatest loser of weight.

Eating habits are a prime concern of nations like America where obesity is high in population. Life is fast and hectic today and there is no time to sit and plan your every step, even take the pain to prepare healthy food at home on regular basis. The best way to help our health under this circumstance is to make appropriate eating habit and avoid unhealthy food as well as lifestyle.

1. Water is a wonder substance which is great for your skin, digestive system, circulatory system and aids in weight loss and cellulite reduction.

2. Replace high-sugar food with low-sugar or no-sugar versions. Refined sugar foods are bottomless pit of calories, almost all soft drinks, baked goods, candy and ice creams etc.

3. Keep coffee and soda intake under control. Substitute these with fresh fruit juice and green tea.

4. When you are grocery shopping, do not forget to pick up bags of baby carrots, nuts, fresh and dried fruit, string cheese, single serving packs of applesauce, wholegrain crackers, yogurt, peanut butter, turkey jerky, etc.

5. Pack your lunch the night before so that you do not have to munch on vending machines and office cafeteria later on.

6. Whenever possible make an excuse to walk as much as you can.

7. Exercise at least thrice a week or if possible minimum 15 minutes a day.

8. Get enough sleep. It is important for your good health and peaceful mind to have at least 6 hours sound sleep every night.

The recommended tips are easy to follow but the outcome is a healthy and fit body with no extra pounds, which is obviously the key to a happy and energetic life yielding you success in every step.


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