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Why is our Water Fluoridated?

Already two-thirds of U.S. public water supplies are fluoridated. So if fluoride is so bad, what is the reason our water is being fluoridated?

We have been told that fluoride is effective at preventing tooth decay, but this is not proven. Dental research suggests that fluoridated water does not work because the rate of dental decay is no different whether water is fluoridated or not.

We have also been told that fluoride is a safe and necessary nutrient. Not only is fluoride ineffective against dental decay, fluoridation of water is an unnecessary health risk. Fluoride is not an essential nutrient, but rather a hazardous waste byproduct from the manufacture of fertilizer.

In fact, fluoride is a poison. In the body, it acts as a toxic inhibitor of enzymes, which are vital to the body's countless chemical reactions. This deadly action is why it is used as a pesticide to kill rats, mice and other small animals.

Yes, deadly. Only two grams can kill an adult, while it only takes one-fourth that (500 milligrams) to kill a child. Fluoride is associated with many negative health effects such as bone cancer, weak bones, osteoporosis, bone fractures and thyroid dysfunction. It can also cause dental fluorosis, resulting in yellow or brown, mottled or damaged teeth.

What really scares me is that fluoride acts as a nervous system depressant and can cause lowered IQ. If we all become dumb from consuming fluoride, maybe none of us will care anymore.

Not only is fluoride toxic itself, but it is found in industrial waste along with other hazardous toxins such as lead and arsenic. Lead can cause neurological damage and behavioral changes, lowered IQ, kidney disease and high blood pressure. Arsenic can cause various types of cancer and neurological damage.

With all the evidence that fluoride is ineffective and dangerous, I am amazed that governmental agencies continue to push for fluoridation of all water supplies across the U.S., apparently with little concern for the the health of we citizens. The American Dental Association endorses this plan despite warning dentists that fluoridated water must not be used to mix baby formula.

Already two-thirds of U.S. public water supplies are fluoridated. So if fluoride is so bad, what is the reason our water is being fluoridated? Perhaps the bottom line is political to help industry dispose of a nuisance waste product and in the process, to be able to sell it to water treatment plants for a profit. Maybe there are other senseless reasons that someone will unearth.

One thing is for sure. It is appalling how the ties between industry and politicians are more important than the safety of we citizens, which is especially distressing knowing that children are at the greatest risk.

So it is up to each of us to voice our concern, but we also need to protect ourselves and our families by having our water tested at least once a year, and by using only water that has been filtered to remove this toxin.

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