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How to Gain Weight

Perhaps the most common problem is the failure to add enough bodyweight-maybe just a pound or two instead of a substantial increase. Many people get good results from an intensive program of Squats.

Gaining weight for skinny guys - A sure win formula!

Perhaps the most common problem is the failure to add enough bodyweight-maybe just a pound or two instead of a substantial increase. Many people get good results from an intensive program of Squats supplemented with the Straight-arm Pull Over and a bigger intake of food.

Particularly protein, together with extra milk. You should also add another day to your weekly routine. If you have been training 3 days a week, then make it 4: if 4 make it 5, and so on

I believe the Squat is the finest of all exercises for weight gaining.

Especially when applied with forced deep breathing, and helped by the Pullover, although the Squat is primarily for thigh development, it has been found that when used with high repetitions. extra deep breathing and as much weight as possible. One will grow all over. The program is intensive and it is best to work into it gradually by taking it fairly easy for the first two or three training sessions, then increasing the severity.

First, warm up in the usual way

Then take a lightweight and perform 10 full Squats fairly, rapidly.

Rest a few moments.

Then add some weight and perform Half Squat taking two deep breaths between each repetition.

Immediately do 10 repetitions on the Pull Over with a fairly light weight, breathing deeply as the barbell is lowered backwards.

Rest a few moments.

Add a little more weight and do 10 Half Squats, again with two deep breaths between repetitions.

Immediately do 10 Pull Overs as before.

Rest again, add weight, do another 10 Half' Squats, with two deep breaths between repetitions.

Followed immediately with 10 Pull Overs.

Reduce the weight to what you started with and do 10 rapid full Squats.

This completes the schedule. Which reads like this:

Warm up.

10 full Squats.

Add weight and do 10 Ha!f Squats.

Do 10 Pull Overs

Rest Add weight and do 10 half Squats

Do 10 Pull Overs.


Add weight and do 10 Half Squats.

Do 10 PuII Overs.

Reduce weight.

Finish with 10 full Squat.

This is your program for the first two or three sessions. Then intensify it by doing 12 Half Squats, but keeping to 10 full Squats and Pull Overs, for another two weeks. Also try to add a little weight, enough to make you work really hard during the last few repetitions of each set. Increase the number of breaths between repetitions to 4.

Continue increasing the Half Squats and weight every two weeks or so until you reach 20 repetitions this is the maximum number you should go to. After that, make progress by slightly increasing the weight every 2 or 3 weeks After about three months.

I would be surprised if you had not put on at least 2 -3 pounds, as the body's metabolism will have been stirred up by work on the thighs and the extra oxygen intake induced by deep breathing.

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