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Gall Bladder Disease Symptoms - Do You Know the Signs?

The gall bladder is an organ that holds bile in order to increase its concentration and delivers it when fat is consumed for easier digestion.

Listed below are some of the common symptoms of gall bladder disease.


The gall bladder is an organ that holds bile in order to increase its concentration and delivers it when fat is consumed for easier digestion. While there is a long list of gall bladder symptoms, the most noticeable is jaundice.

In case the skin becomes jaundiced then the first culprit that should be examined is the gall bladder and after that, the liver. Jaundiced skin is easily recognized by the yellow or orange coloring (depending on the type of jaundice). Sometimes the whites of the eyes will also turn yellowish.

Jaundice occurs when the liver is unable to process and filter old blood and convert it into bile. This means a malfunction in the liver or a blockage in the gall bladder.


There are several kinds of pain that make a gall bladder symptom, some of these are listed below along with other associated qualities. Irregular pains in the center of upper abdomen or below the ribs to the right.

If you are experiencing back pains see our article - Gall Bladder Back Pain

The pain spreading to the right shoulder or sometimes between shoulder blades.

Pain like this might often be associated with nausea or vomiting. Pain attacks resulting from gall bladder problems may last for a few hours before going away on their own.

The severity and frequency of these attacks with be different each time.

The pain can be easily triggered after eating foods rich in fat, such as chocolate, pastry, and cheese.

It is often not possible to differentiate between similar pain that could be a result of other problems like heart pains, gastric ulcer, pneumonia, and kidney stones.


Symptoms of a gallstone blockage include the following.


Abdominal pain



Fatty food intolerance

Abdominal bloating




Indigestion and/or Gas

Sometimes, people with gallstones never realize that they have them.

The only way they are discovered when witnessed through x-rays taken for other reasons. Such stones often require no treatment at all. There are other symptoms much higher on the severity scale and these any such gall bladder symptom must be taken as a need for immediate medical supervision.

Some of these symptoms are given below.





Persistent pain

Yellow skin

Yellow eyes

Pale stools

Gall bladder attack symptoms

Gall bladder attacks may happen at any time but they are more likely to occur after consuming fat rich foods. Gallstone attacks require immediate medical attention.

A severe and steady pain in the upper abdomen signifies the attack. Such attacks may last anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. The pain from such an attack could also spread to the shoulder blades or right shoulder and be accompanied by nausea.

The frequency of these attacks is unpredictable and there could be a gap of a week to many years between two attacks. However, with time and lack of treatment the attacks become frequent.


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