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Get Rid of Genital Warts

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the number of cases of genital warts is growing at a phenomenal rate because genital warts are extremely contagious. It's also possible for an infected woman to pass on the virus to her child during pregnancy or birth.

Do you have genital warts? Do you know what causes them? The fact is warts are caused by human papilloma virus (HPV).

Since genital warts and warts in general are caused by a virus they are contagious. Once you have been infected with this virus it stays with you for as long as you live. Skin warts or papillomas can be transmitted between individuals by a filterable infectious agent. If the virus is not treated within time it can cause skin cancers and other health related problems.

There are many different types of warts.

The most common warts are the rough looking lesions most often found on the hands and fingers. (See our article What are Warts?).

The much smaller, smoother flat warts can be found on the hands and fingers also, but may even show up on the face and eyes.

Warts on the bottom of the feet are called plantar warts and can sometimes be over an inch around. This article however concentrates on genital warts.

Genital Warts:

Genital warts are small, benign (harmless) growths caused by a viral infection i.e. Human papillomavirus, typically HPV 6 and HPV 11. A female with genital warts however is at an increased risk for developing cervical cancer. Genital warts often occur in clusters and can be very tiny or can spread into large masses on genital tissues. If left untreated, genital warts often disappear.

Genital warts, alternative Names: Condyloma Acuminatum, Fig Wart, Moist Wart, Pointed Wart, Venereal Wart, Verruca Acuminata, develop in the genital and anal area.

Genital Warts are highly contagious sexually transmitted disease and are 90% responsible for all cases of cervical cancers and other health problems. HPV also decreases sperm count, which is one of the causes of infertility.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the number of cases of genital warts is growing at a phenomenal rate because genital warts are extremely contagious. It's also possible for an infected woman to pass on the virus to her child during pregnancy or birth.

Genital warts can be transmitted from one person to another and they can travel from one part of the body to another. They occur on the skin or the mucous membrane. The mucous membrane is tissue that lines the nose, throat, digestive tract, and other body openings.

Laryngeal papillomatosis also know as recurrent respiratory papillomatosis is a rare medical condition caused by (HPV) infection of the throat that can lead to tumors. This condition obstructs the airway and without treatment is potentially fatal.

HPV is definitely not something you should take lightly. These dangers are very serious. Therefore removing your warts should be your first priority if you want to stay healthy and enjoy life.

Causes of Genital Warts:

The main cause of genital warts is - Human papillomavirus, that infects the top layers of your skin.

To some extent, excessive use of tobacco and alcohol, may lead to formation of genital warts.

Premalignant and malignant cervical cancers in women, also increases the chances of occurring of genital warts.

A person with sexual transmitted disease are more prone to get affected by genital warts.

Genital warts most commonly occur in persons undergoing stressful conditions.

In some cases, use of birth control pills, increased sexual contact without the use of barrier protection, multiple sex partners, and having sex at a early age, may lead to genital warts.

About two-thirds of people who have sexual contact with someone already having genital warts.

Symptoms of genital warts:

Difficulty may be experienced while swallowing food.

You may have the difficulty in passing urine.

The feeling of itching or burning around the sex organs, may be seen.

An abnormal vaginal bleeding may occur in genital wart patient after sexual intercourse.

Small fluid-filled blisters may occur, which can be very painful. With the first infection they can even take around 2 to 4 weeks to heal properly.

Genital wart increases vaginal discharge.

A flu-like illness, backache, headache, swollen glands or fever are the common symptoms during genital wart.

The small white/yellow/gray bumpy spots may occur on the sex organs and anus.

In some Chronic Cases, cervical cancer may also occur in genital wart suffering patients.

Treatments for Genital Warts:

The following remedies have been proven to get rid of warts and to treat HPV. In order for the following treatmens to work you have to keep your immune system in top condition.


Is a very suitable remedy for genital warts. In this treatment, doctor freeze off the wart with liquid nitrogen.

Electrocautery or Diathermy physically destroys the warts by burning them. Local or general anaesthesia can be used.

Imiquimod Cream

This cream helps in destroying genital warts.


Is a chemical compound that must be applied by a doctor or nurse to the affected area of the skin.

Podofilox Cream or Gel

This is a self-applied treatment for external genital warts. It is easy to use and is safe, and should be applied for about 4 weeks.

Fluorouracil Cream

Is used mainly to get rid of pain, that occur during intercourse.

Surgical Excision

Your doctor may use special tools to cut off warts. You'll need local anesthesia for this treatment.

TCA (Trichloracetic Acid)

A chemical applied to the surface of the wart by a doctor or a nurse.

Laser Therapy

During this treatment, warts are destroyed by introducing laser light to the affected area. This is used for larger or extensive warts.

Vitamins and Minerals

Take a combination of non synthetic vitamins and a combination of non synthetic minerals which must be taken during the same day, but at a different time of day from the vitamins.

Herbal Teas

Drink 2 to 3 cups a day of herbal teas. Especially teas with lemon grass, chamomile, and green teas.

Antiviral Oils

Apply topicaly with a cotton swab to the warts.


Did you know that there are over 60 thousand viruses on your skin? If you have contracted HPV you must pay strict attention to your hygiene.


Wear only 100% cotton underwear and change them more then once a day. Only use natural detergent to wash clean your underwear.


This only works on some common warts. Wrap the wart completely and snugly with a few layers of tape. Leave the tape on for 6 to 7 days and then remove it for half a day. This may not work in the first week. Depending on the size of the wart you may have to repeat this for about three to four weeks before the wart disappears.

Do not try any home therapy for wart removal until you see your doctor. These are just some of the treatments that I know. But, there is an extraordinary home remedy invented by a naturopath/herbalist doctor with 25 years of proven experience. His treatments have been used by thousands who have become free of warts in a very short time of one week.

It doesn't matter what genital warts look like because if you have the right home remedies you can actually eliminate them. You shouldn't have to put-up with warts, destroy them and regain your self-esteem, get your healthy sex-life back again.

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