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How can I Lose Weight?

Weight issues are one of the main issues haunting people now days. Many people are getting fatter and this arises many health issues like obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Basically, as technology advances, our health drops too because people are getting lazier and loads of delicious food being developed.

Weight issues are one of the main issues haunting people now days. Many people are getting fatter and this arises many health issues like obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

Basically, as technology advances, our health drops too because people are getting lazier and loads of delicious food being developed. More and more entertainment is being introduced making humans; especially teenagers stay indoors and neglected outdoor activities.

Yes, people have start realizing this issue but there are many barriers that prevent the majority from starting and adhering their weight loss programs and exercise routines, for example work, time and injuries. Here is a mini guide to help individuals that have issues that prevent them from exercising.

How can I lose weight if I am too busy?

Basically, there is always time for something. We just have to make time to do it. For general health, experts recommend 30mins of exercise for most of the days. For weight loss, it's recommended that you do a minimum of 3sessions of cardio per week and each session is 30 minutes. Only 30 minutes of your time and its not even everyday, only 3 times per week. If you want to include weight training into your routine, do circuit training. Combine both weight training and cardiovascular training into want non-stop fat burning circuit training.

How can I lose weight if I can't afford gym membership?

Most of the best thing in life is free and exercising is definitely one of them. You don't have to be in the gym to do your cardio. Take a jog in the park or a go hiking. These places are free of charge. If you need to monitor your intensity, get your self a heart rate monitor that comes along with a watch. Polar heart rate monitors are highly recommended.

You can also invest in some dumbbells or multi weight station if you want to include weight training. Some parks have monkey bars where you can do your chin ups for back, biceps, and shoulders workout. You can do push-ups on the grass for chest and triceps workout and run up hills to strengthen your thighs. For abs training, do you crunches on park bench.

How can I lose weight if I have injured my knee?

Do not worry that you can't do cardio if you have bad knee. You can run uphill or run on incline mode. That would not hurt your knee. Machines like elliptical trainer and the bicycle is also suitable for individuals that have knee problems.

How can I lose weight if I have injured my back?

No problem at all. If you have a bad back, avoid running and running on incline. Go for the stationary bike instead. Practice sitting up right can help you strengthen your back. As long as you are doing cardio within your heart rate, you can lose weight. It doesn't mean that if you can't run, you can't lose weight.

How can I lose weight if I have only weekends for exercising?

A little bit of exercise is better than none. There are a lot of weekend warriors that only workout out during the weekend. But you have to exercise longer to compensate the loss of exercise during the weekdays. Do your weight training first and then do your cardio later. On Saturday, workout on your legs, chest and triceps and workout your back, shoulders and biceps on Sundays. This way, your muscles would not be over worked. To compensate for your third cardio session that is missed, walk more during our weekdays and take the stairs often. You would be amazed about the total calories that are burned in total.

How can I lose weight if I have asthma?

Yes, you definitely can. Just do not overexert during your workout sessions. Keep you heart rate at 60 % to 70 % of your maximum heart rate do longer sessions instead. Get on the weight loss diet. By getting on a weight loss diet like the South Beach diet, you can also lose body fat because you calories in are lesser than you calories out.

How can I lose weight if I have osteoporosis?

No problem at all. You have to be very careful while using the machines because any fall can break a bone. Choose walking on the treadmill and use the incline mode. By walking one the treadmill, you put some pressure on the tendons and to the bones. This will increase bone density. Walk on incline but aim for the weight loss heart rate zone. Choose 65 % - 75 % of your maximum heart rate and exercise for a longer session. By staying in the weight loss heart rate zone and walking for about 30- 45 minutes, you body will definitely lose body fat.

How can I lose weight if I do not have access to any exercise facility at all including outdoors?

Well, in that case, you definitely have to get on a weight loss diet. The South Beach Diet allows you to eat good quality carbohydrates and avoid simple sugars and snacks. Many have tried it, liked it and got fantastic results. One thing that is good about the South Beach Diet is that this diet emphasizes quality eating and long-term weight loss. Its healthy and it is practical as well.

How can I lose weight if I fell tired and lethargic all the time?

Chances are that you did not do weight training or enough weight training. By going through proper weight training, you can increase your metabolism and energy levels. If you do not exercise with weights, your body will start to atrophy and you will lose muscle mass and your metabolism will start to crash down, making weight loss even harder! Try supplementing with fat burners. Fat burners can help increase your metabolism, energy levels, makes you more focused and most important of all, help you burn fat faster.

How can I lose weight by not exercising and dieting?

Basically, you cant. Even if you do liposuction and other fancy weight loss methods, without exercising and dieting, the fat loss would be very short term and you would probably put on back the weight.

So you see, there are many methods in overcoming all most if not all of the excuses of not exercising. Learn to love and enjoy exercising and by doing that, chances are that you will stick with your weight loss program.

I have been a personal trainer since 2000. I have also joined bodybuilding junior competition and claimed my first state title in 2001 and from there I moved on to joining male pageants and won my first Mr. Intercontinental for Malaysia in the year 2002. Life has been interesting and fitness has really changed my life. I used to be fat and now, since I have managed to lose weight successfully, I share my knowledge and passion with my clients!

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