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How to get Rid of Love Handles and Stomach Fat Fast

Many of us want to know how to get rid of love handles, or how to get rid of stomach fat in a hurry, and you know the thing is, it doesn't require drastic measures to do it.

In today's society, and with the pressures all around us, many of us feel the need to starve ourselves; simply because we may have has few as a few pounds to lose.

Maybe it's just so that we can look good for a special occasion, or to keep ourselves attractive for our partners. But regardless of the reason, so many of us want to know how to get rid of love handles or how to get rid of stomach fat in a hurry, and you know the thing is, it doesn't require drastic measures to do it. One of the things that often happens is we give in to yo yo dieting which just makes weight loss harder for us in the long run.

Maybe you've been there done that before - starve yourself, the weight literally pours off you, you're all happy, return to your regular eating behaviour, all the weight you lost comes flooding back, bringing with it a few extra pounds as well. Now you are worse off than when you started. What you have actually done is to starve your body of all the nutrients it needs to function properly. This is bad for us.

You may have heard or read that when we eat more often, it actually raises our metabolism, which then in turn burns more fat. This is what we want to happen - we are feeding our bodies with the nutrients it needs and in turn we have raised our metabolism meaning we are burning more fat - it's a win win situation for us. So to help get rid of those love handles or stomach fat or thunder thighs or any other weight problem you have, a great start is to eat more often - how great is that.

There are also 5 simple steps you can follow to help you to lose those extra pounds-and the weight you lose will be pure fat. These steps will also help you once you have put in the hard work and lost the weight, to keep it off once and for all - no more yo yo dieting. Just weight off and stay off.

1. Eat more Non-Starchy Vegetables

This is one of the most important aspects to losing weight, for a couple of reasons. First of all non-starchy vegetables contain lots of fibre which makes you feel fuller faster, meaning you will want to eat less-you will feel full sooner rather than later.

Also our body has to do a lot more work to digest a vegetable, meaning we burn more energy and fat just to digest it. You may even burn more energy in calories by digesting for example a carrot, than the calories you took in by eating it in the first place. These are called negative energy foods.

Some studies have shown that people eating at least 4 serves of non-starchy vegetables each day on average lost the most weight.

2. Eat Some Protein With Each Meal

While we want to lose those pounds of fat, we still want to keep our lean body mass, we don't want to just waste away to nothing, and one way to make do this is to make sure some kind of lean protein is eaten every meal.

Protein also helps to stop overeating as it too helps to make you feel full faster.

It's also very energy costly nutrient, meaning it uses lots of energy (calories) from our body simply to digest it. Dairy foods, beef, fish, eggs and chicken are all great sources of protein.

3. Whole Grain Carbohydrates Consumption

Regulating insulin levels stops your body from making too much insulin. Eating whole-grain carbohydrates is a great way of regulating this insulin, and this in turn keeps your body losing weight.

If you allow your body to produce large amounts of insulin, it will help it to store fat - not what we want. Simply carbohydrates or fast digesting carbohydrates all produce a lot of insulin, so avoiding these fast digesting carbs will keep your weight loss and fat loss on track - as well as improving your health.

Studies have shown that up to 70 percent of successful weight loss stems from following this simple rule and eating whole grains, staying away from simple carbs, which keeps insulin levels at the right level.

4. Eat Fats - But The Healthy Ones

Eating fat is not necessarily a bad thing, as long is it is the right kind of fat - a healthy fat. You might wonder is there such a thing as a healthy fat - but I assure you there is. By eating sufficient amounts of almonds, olive oil, walnuts, or other Omega 3 products, we are not only doing something really good for our bodies, but we are staying on track for getting rid of that pesky fat. Healthy fats actually have extra advantages - they are a great antioxidant, they make for great brain food, as well as lots of other essential processes that happen within our body every single day.

There are certain diseases and illnesses like cancer and heart disease which consuming essential acids help to prevent. Studies are beginning to reveal that eating Omega-3 products could boost your metabolism by up to 400 calories per day - that's huge!

5. Eat Meals Often

There is a direct connection between insulin levels, the amount of food you eat, and how often you eat. It is much better to eat 4-6 smaller meals each day, rather than the usual 2-3 larger meals that we are all used to eating. Eating more often will also help to increase your metabolism which means you burn more calories.

If you eat smaller amounts more often throughout the day, you actually tend to eat less overall. This helps to keep your blood sugars in check, because by steadily feeding your body a constant stream of nutrients all day, there is no need for your body to increase the amount of insulin it produces to cope with a large amount of food all at once.

Exercise always comes highly recommended; as you make these 5 change-exercise and nutrition interact well with each other as far as weight loss and fat loss go. If you implement these easy changes to your food consumption and incorporate even a small amount of exercise into your daily routine, your fat will simply melt off you permanently.

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