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Pictures of Famous Male Celebrities when Younger

See what famous male celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Marilyn Manson, and Eminem looked like when they were younger.

Do you recognise the faces of these celebrity pictures of actors, race car drivers, and well known male singers that were taken when they were kids?

Everyone was young once, even film stars. Listed below is a before they were famous photo gallery of your favourite male actors when they were children.

We have included each of the young male celebrities names and their date of birth beneath each of their pictures.

Pictures of Famous Male Celebrities when they were Younger
Ayrton Senna when young
Ayrton Senna
(March 21, 1960 - May 1, 1994)
Bruce Willis when young
Bruce Willis
(Born March 19, 1955)
David Duchovny when young
David Duchovny
(Born August 7, 1960)
Elton John when young
Elton John
(Born 25 March 1947)
Eminem when young
(Born October 17, 1972)
Fernando Alonso when young
Fernando Alonso
(Born July 29, 1981)
Freddy Mercury when 
Freddy Mercury
(5 September 1946 - 24 November 1991)
George Clooney when young
George Clooney
(Born May 6, 1961)
George Harrison when young
George Harrison
(25 February 1943 - 29 November 2001)
Jean Claude Van Damme when young
Jean Claude Van Damme
(Born October 18, 1960)
Jean Reno when young
Jean Reno
(Born July 30, 1948)
Jimi Hendrix when young
Jimi Hendrix
(November 27, 1942 - September 18, 1970)
John Lennon when young
John Lennon
(9 October 1940 - 8 December 1980)
Keanu Reeves when young
Keanu Reeves
(Born September 2, 1964)
Kimi Raikkonen when 
Kimi Raikkonen
(Born October 17, 1979)
Kurt Cobain when young
Kurt Cobain
(February 20, 1967 - c. April 5, 1994)
Leonardo DiCaprio when young
Leonardo DiCaprio
(Born November 11, 1974)
Marilyn Manson when young
Marilyn Manson
(Born January 5, 1969)
Michael Jackson when young
Michael Jackson
(Born August 29, 1958)
Michael Jordan when young
Michael Jordan
(Born February 17, 1963)
Mick Jagger when young
Mick Jagger
(Born July 26, 1943)
Mika Hakkinen when young
Mika Hakkinen
(Born September 28, 1968)
Patrick Swayze when 
Patrick Swayze
(Born August 18, 1952)
Paul McCartney when young
Paul McCartney
(Born 18 June 1942)
Phil Collins when young
Phil Collins
(Born 30 January 1951)
Ricky Martin when young
Ricky Martin
(Born December 24, 1971)
Ringo Starr when young
Ringo Starr
(Born 7 July 1940)
Robbie Williams when young
Robbie Williams
(Born 13 February 1974)
Robert De Niro when young
Robert De Niro
(Born August 17, 1943)
Tom Hanks when young
Tom Hanks
(Born July 9, 1956)

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