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MSM Vitamin Facts

MSM vitamins are relatively new, and the majority of people do not even notice they are taking the supplement in terms of how your body reacts. However, some people are much more sensitive to substances they put into their bodies.

MSM, methylsulfonylmethane, is something important we need in our bodies for healthy hair, nails, skin, cartilage, and joints.

MSM is a sulfur - not to be confused with sulfa - utilized by our bodies in the rebuilding of our living cells. Sulfur makes the cell walls more permeable, or in layman's terms, more flexible. As we age, our cell walls get thicker, and with those thicker cell walls, we find that our cells hold in more toxins while not letting new stuff inside.

No, we cannot stop the aging process, but with a little help, we can sure slow it down!

Often referred to as the hidden "fountain of youth", MSM provides a viable way for many people to appreciate a healthier life looking younger and feeling great. The quality of life tends to improve because you simply feel better.

Our bodies need sulfur, and we generally get sulfur naturally in the foods we eat. Steaks, vegetables, and many other foods can help with our sulfur intake. However, as we age, our bodies are not as good at using the sulfur it does get which means we need more sulfur!

Safety is always a concern when considering a new supplement. With MSM, not a lot can be found about side effects or adverse reactions. While many people claim this is because MSM vitamins are completely safe, many people are claiming this is because MSM vitamins are relatively new to the market.

Since I wanted to keep you updated on what the side effects or adverse reactions could be, I did considerable research to see what people were saying. Here is what I found!

MSM vitamins are relatively new, and the majority of people do not even notice they are taking the supplement in terms of how your body reacts. However, some people are much more sensitive to substances they put into their bodies. Whether this is a natural sensitivity to medications or brought on by current medications, this does deserve more attention.

With these vitamins or supplements, our cells are coming to life. They feel great, they are rejuvenated, and with this tends to come excitability. If you read the bottle, you will often find these vitamins or supplements are not to be taken after you take your midday meal. This is because it can keep you awake because your cells are working overtime.

What does this mean for a sensitive body?

Sensitive people are going to notice this extra work! You may feel jittery and anxious if you have an anxiety or panic disorder. However, this is generally only going to be noticeable if you take too much at once. While you would have to take ungodly amounts of MSM to overdose, even a large enough dose and you will feel anxious and excitable.

Once of the only complaints people have given MSM vitamins is that it tends to make some people nervous and anxious. Of course, you will find that there are a lot of symptoms that can fall into this category. If you are sensitive to medications, you may notice the extra jitteriness.

Can you avoid the anxiety and nervousness?

Many people take upwards of 6,000 mgs per day of MSM or 6gms. The recommended dosage to start is roughly 1,000 mgs or 1 gm per day in the morning. Eventually, people will build up to a comfortable dosage.

If you are sensitive to medications or notice nervousness, anxiety, panicky feelings, or jittery feelings, simply cut back on the dosage you are taking. If you know you are sensitive to medications to start, you will want to start at a lower dosage until you feel comfortable with the dosage you are taking and very slowly building up.

It is important to realize that the nervousness, jitteriness, and anxiety is not hurting your body. These factors are simply because your body is working! Often, when your body starts working like it is supposed to, your brain will send out messages to your nerves letting it know it has work to do. However, many people have injured nerve ending or sensitivities that mean they see the process as harmful.

If you happen to be taking medication of any type, it is suggested you speak with your healthcare provider before taking any form of supplements or vitamins - even MSM. While the supplement or vitamin is considered organic and natural, it may still interact with your medication. You will always want to consider what the combined effect will be on your body. If you are not a professional, the best course of action is to get in contact with one for you and your family's safety.

MSM supplements, it is important to note, have also been reported to actually help repair nerve damage! That means less jitteriness in your everyday life with less anxiety. MSM vitamins offer your body a chance to do what it does best by repairing and aiding in the healing process.

One important bonus I have personally found when taking MSM vitamins is that my food cravings are greatly reduced. Often, a food craving is our body's way of saying we are missing something. With me, the added sulfur has helped my body getting what it needs. Will this work for you? Only time will tell, but if you have food cravings you will often find if you find that perfect supplement or vitamin, your cravings will stop.

MSM vitamins are new to the market, but they have shown a lot of potential. If you need to know the side effects or adverse reactions, you will find the information out there is vague at best. Hopefully, this little bit of information will insure you know more about MSM and what it can do to your body.

Nance Leighton operates Arthritis MSM Supplements, Inc. out of Houston, Texas. She not only sells products, but she believes in her products. Learn more by visiting today!

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