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Display Movies Videos on MySpace Profile

Are you a movie buff who would like to tell the world - or at least everyone who views your MySpace profile - what your top ten favorite videos are?

There is finally a great tweak that will let you do just that! It's so simple, and you can choose from more than one image to display on your profile in order to create just the look you are after.

Do a web search for "MySpace DVD cover generator". These generators will search the web for images from the cover of your favorite movie DVD, and present them to you along with the code needed to place the image on your profile. All you need to do is enter the title of your movie into the generator. It will return with a page of images from that movie, most of them DVD covers. Beneath each image will be a code that will allow you to place the image on your profile.

It's easy to use the code. Just copy and paste it into the "Movies" section of your profile once you have logged in to MySpace and navigated to the Edit Profile page. Of course, you can place your favorite movie images anywhere on your profile, but the "Movies" section seems custom-made for a top ten list.

To get an image for each of your top ten favorites, just repeat the steps above with the DVD video cover generator. But, what if one of your favorites isn't found by this generator? Don't despair - there is still an easy way to find this image and code it for your profile! Do your own web search, concentrating on sites that have DVDs for sale. When you find a cover image of your movie, right click on it to save the image to your hard drive.

In order to get the proper code to place your chosen picture on your MySpace profile, you will need to take this image and upload it to a photo sharing website that will host the photo for you for free. Once uploaded, the code will be generated by the site for you to easily copy and paste onto your profile.

You might choose instead to use the website by the name of Frazy is free to use, but you must register to use its features. Frazy will generate the codes for movies, books, and music of your choice. Just type what you are looking for into the search box, and a page of choices will appear for you to choose from. Choose your favorite, and then the image size you want to display on your MySpace profile. You can also make a slideshow of your choices, perfect for a top ten listing.

Frazy also allows you to add comments, and rate the selections, too. All of the movies, books, or music you choose are saved on Frazy, so you can come back and use the codes again and again. Frazy is a very good option for anyone who wants to display their Top Ten favorite videos on MySpace.


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