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Pessimist or Optimist - Which one are You?

In this fast changing, struggle-filled world, there are two kinds of people; those who see only the bad and those who see a whole lot more. Which person are you?

In this fast changing, struggle-filled world, there are two kinds of people; those who see only the bad and those who see a whole lot more. Which person are you?

It's easy to see the bad and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know there are problems out there. It's harder to see beyond the bad and into a world of promise and a better life. What it basically boils down to is, are you a pessimist or an optimist? You can be one or the other but you can't be both.

Why can't you be both? Well, which one of you is going to decide that for you? It's one of the two because, overall, your life is either going to get better or worse. It's not going to stay the same! Everything changes and, depending on your inner intention, a pessimist is the kind of person who doesn't see life with all its beauty and blessings but instead becomes filled with a lot of negative ideas. They easily give up and they lose hope which makes them feel left-out a lot of the time.

They have the tendency to hate themselves and often feel that they are really doing nothing. They blame themselves but also the others around them. The world is a terrible place, they say, and everybody is to blame. These are the individuals who commonly don't succeed. They remain second best because they never try to be the best they can be. There's always an excuse that somebody else is to blame for. They are pretty much satisfied to stay right where they are and to keep on complaining from this day on.

While there are those who succeed and live a more happy life, it's not because they have more than the rest. They may still have a nice luxurious car, a big house with a pool or a million and one dollars. Still, they are happy and satisfied with life because they actually choose to be. They decided to make their life as worthwhile as possible. They realized that this is the only way to be happy and they don't want to waste time "sourgraping" over the not-so-good things in life. They focus on the "good things" even if it's commonly unnoticed. They love to live life to the fullest and they do anything they can to enjoy every minute of it. They don't get tired easily. They just keep on going.

Optimists are believers in life! They recognize the many unseen things that life holds for them and they seek those things out each day. They give 100% to everything that they do and they simply love it. Sourgrapers can go on and on about all the negative "truths" that they think they see and gloat when someone is having a bad day. Still, the optimist always picks up their chin and moves on no matter how hard and tiring something is. They are magically boosted with so much energy that they have a zest for many new and more challenging things. That's what optimists are. They are always on the go and always ready to see what's over the next horizon.

Now think again. Which one of these people are you?

Sure, all of us would want to belong with the optimists and to have a better outlook on life. A lot of good things can be gained by having an optimistic heart. It gives you a better chance for a healthy and longer life. It gives you a better disposition in life and causes you to be more productive and more successful. Even if you fail, you don't really care because you know you did your best and that is all that can be expected.

If you are truly an optimist, then you probably recognize your own weaknesses and have already been working to try and make yourself a better person. You will always stand up and try until you finally succeed. Failures make an optimist work even harder. Failures are the inspiration and the motive to reach higher and an optimist knows they will eventually succeed and that they already are succeeding just by getting up and trying again.

There's a bit of an optimist in all of us but sometimes that seed has to be watered and given some sunlight.

It takes courage and willingness and the perseverance to continue each day. How you deal with your setbacks is the most important thing. Are you going to choose to hide and run away from your problem or be brave enough to face them with arms wide open.

Whatever way you want it, it's only up to you. Have the heart of an optimist and someday you'll be the kind of person who appreciates life 110%!

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