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Preparing Barbeque Pork Ribs

Pork Ribs are meaty cuts taken from the loin and belly rib sections. There are several different styles of cuts and some very tasty and proven ways of preparing pork ribs.

Pork Ribs are meaty cuts taken from the loin and belly rib sections.

There are several different styles of cuts and some very tasty and proven ways of preparing pork ribs.

There are several different types of cuts that are all lumped into the general category of pork ribs. There are back ribs, country style ribs, button ribs, and spare ribs among others. Although the different cuts are taken from different sections of the animal and there is some variety in how they are cooked, most of the good recipes will work equally as well for any of the different cuts. The choice is usually made on personal taste and what is available.

Many people prefer beef ribs to pork ribs for use in their recipes. In many cases, the recipes for either are interchangeable. Again this is a matter for personal taste and each side is going to have its adherents.

In the middle are the people who just enjoy good ribs regardless of the origin. The most common recipes for cooking ribs call for barbeque and slow smoking. Some people think the longer and slower they are cooked, the better the taste. This is most likely true, but many people lack the time to cook the ribs too slowly. However, especially when smoking and grilling ribs, the slower they are cooked and the longer, the better they will turn out.

The first step in preparing pork ribs for barbeque is to let them come up to room temperature.

Then, remove the membrane carefully from the back of the cut. Some people do not bother with removing the membrane and most recipes do not mention it, but when the meat is going to be seasoned and slow cooked, the membrane tends to block the absorption of the seasoning and smoked flavor from penetrating into the meat. The membrane is easily removed. Just use a knife to separate a portion of it from the meat and then you can usually just pull it free with your fingers.

Marinating pork ribs is another of those preference things.

Many people recommend marinating the ribs overnight in your favorite marinate before cooking. There are literally thousands of recipes for marinates if you do not have a favorite. Garlic, onion, Worcestershire sauce, and even Tabasco sauce are used in different combinations.

One good recommendation is to coat the meat with yellow mustard just before putting on the grill and after any other seasonings have been applied. This tends to create a very tasty crust that seems to seal in the seasonings.

The meat should be cooked at about 200 degrees.

Smokers are best, but kettle grills will work too. In a kettle grill turn the meat frequently and do not allow them to cook too fast. Pork ribs can be cooked in the oven, of course. Many people parboil the ribs before grilling as well. This can be helpful when you know you are not going to be able to take the four hours or so that are required as a minimum for the best grilling.

Our How to Cook Barbeque Ribs article includes some great tips on cooking the best tasting pork and beef ribs including some delicious barbeque rib recipes.

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