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Postpartum Weight Loss

Weight loss after pregnancy requires a lot of will power and determination and a few changes in your lifestyle.

For mothers who are breastfeeding going on a crash diet is not at all advisable. In fact breastfeeding helps mother's in post pregnancy weight loss and mothers who are nursing get into shape quicker.

But if you feel that this is not working you can make a few changes in your diet that can really help in weight loss.

Small changes in your diet for post pregnancy weight loss

Follow a high protein moderate carbohydrate diet. Don't totally cut down on carbohydrates as it will drain you out of energy. With the new born to handle and the pressure on your personal energy is the last thing you want to be drained. Have whole grain cereals.

Eat every 3-4 hours -don't skip a meal as this does not help in weight loss in the long run. This is also not good for your metabolism.

Avoid processed foods (white bread, cookies, pastas etc) and rather eat natural foods (atleast 3 helping of fruits and veggies). Fruits and veggies give you a lot of fibers and are very good to maintain a healthy weight. Try avoiding eating potatoes.

Eat low fat diary products. Though this may not be good while nursing it can definitely be followed after that.

Stop eating junk food and especially sodas. Grab a glass of water or juice if you feel the urge to drink sodas.

Avoid fried and fatty food.

Small changes in your lifestyle

Become more active. Try and move your body as much as you can. For example try and take the stairs whenever you can. Keep a lot of baby's things upstairs so that you will need to walk up often. Tie up with a friend and take baby for a stroll everyday. Few tricks like these can help you keep active and aid you in weight loss.

Exercise and Determination for post pregnancy weight loss

Last but not the least a daily exercise routine really helps in weight loss. There is nothing like a brisk walk. Yoga also is good and effective in weight loss. You need determination and will power to lose weight and after dedicated effort in no time will you be back to your good old slim and trim self.

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