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Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Food is something that should never be comprised on during pregnancy. You are feeding yourself and another person along with you. But remember you don't need to eat double but only around 300 calories extra( specially during second and third trimester).

Food is something that should never be comprised on during pregnancy. You are feeding yourself and another person along with you. But remember you don't need to eat double but only around 300 calories extra - specially during second and third trimester.

While in the first trimester you tend to feel a lot of nausea the in the second and third trimester you should take adequate food intake. Consult your doctor regularly regarding pregnancy diet supplements.

Your pregnancy diet should consist of:

Fruits (2-4 servings)

Vegetables (3-4 servings)

Cereals (6-11 servings)

Dairy Products (3-4 servings)

Nuts and pulses/meat

Drink gallons of water as this will help reduce a lot of pregnancy complications. Water intake avoids early labor. Your chances of infection will also be reduced.

Follow the food pyramid and it will guide you through all the vitamins you need during the day. You must have a balanced pregnancy diet and eat food which provide your body Vitamin C, B and A, folic acid, fibers, iron, protein and calcium.

Calcium can be found in dairy products. It is very essential for bone formation of baby and for preserving mother's bone strength.

Drumsticks, Cod Liver Oil, Fish, Rice, Mango, Carrot, and Spinach are rich in Vitamin A.

You can get Vitamin C from Leafy Vegetables, Citrus fruits, Tomato, Potato, Banana.

Folic acid is found in cereals, Leafy vegetables, Legumes, Nuts, and Fruits. Not getting enough folic acid could result in the risk of preterm delivery, inadequate growth of the fetus and low birth weight.

Fibrous foods can be found in cereals, whole grain breads, rice, vegetables, and fruits.

Proteins can be found in cereals, pulses, milk, and eggs. Proteins are needed for tissue formation.

Iron is also a very important nutrient during pregnancy. Less of iron will reduce your hemoglobin and cause a lot of complications.

There are certain types of food that you need to avoid too in your pregnancy diet.

Unpasteurized food is definitely a no-no. Avoid sodas and caffeine. Alcohol is like poison for your baby. Although fish is good certain types of fish like shark are avoidable. Undercooked meats and raw eggs are also not very good to take as a part of pregnancy diet. Avoid taking foods rich in fat too. Avoid eating excess of salt.

Never skip a meal. It is better to have small meals at regular intervals rather than large meals after a long period of time.

Eat healthy and well. Though it may be depressing sometimes remember it is a very small sacrifice you are making for your baby and that you baby will always thank you for a healthy pregnancy diet.

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